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VALDRIN - Beyond The Forest (2014) * Review

Yes, we need this, an album that really fully gives a feel of gloomy, black and darkness in a concept and swathe of catchy melodic, rhythmic, melodious, symphony and very elegant. We really thankful to 'Valdrin' because creating a music concept that provides many of the shades that memorable and perennial for us to enjoy. We actually enter in shades of dark and it was very entertaining.

We really like the melodic tones that have a touch of darkness which is very thorough that they made. all the melodic tones from the black rhythms that they make really creates a lasting impression and really describes a real blackmetal that leaden and dark. A Blackmetal concept that is not difficult to be heard, playing a lot of Melody with swathe of harmonic tremolo picking and black rhythm which is very touching and we must say that ' Valdrin ' is a top level with played the rhythms that was very memorable.

Not only that, in the album entitled ' Beyond The Forest ', we get a lot of catchy elements from rhythms of deathmetal, old/modern thrash, atmospheric and Oldschool Blackmetal. We are drifting in the dark when heard the tremolo picking which they play, we headbang if heard the catchy thrash rhythms that they play, and we're very entertained with the structure and beats of deathmetal which they played on some tracks. We hear a lot of Watain's albums, but not as majestic as ' Valdrin ', this album is really pretty, clean, neat and structured, and we have to say that this album is one of the best blackmetal album that bring the intact blackmetal concept , innovative and very complete. 

 'Beyond The Forest ' begins with an intro lasted nearly four minutes and was very describe the dark shades that will start all songs in this album. Continued with a song which be the title this album ' beyond the forest'. This song which became our favorite because directly led to a lot of nuances when hearing the rhythm by rhythm. the melodic tones that coalesce and deep, very neat concept of the oldschool blackmetal, Thrash riffs, and deathmetal structure that implement the melodic elements into a song, make an interest to continue to listen to this song, and don't forget, they touch this track with a very harmonic, melodic package, atmospheric and symphony with swathe of acoustic tones in the middle of the part song and this song gives the dark and black nuances is very strong.

'Rusalka Succubus' gives an acoustic rhythm which began with this song, and it's just a bit, they instantly give a harmonic and melodic components are fused with Beats from drummer ' Ryan Maurmeier ' that very effect the structure of deathmetal. But overall, if seen from the concept of melody that they provide, ' Rusalka Succubus' was a song that showcased blackmetal even more appropriate to symphonic blackmetal, we really liked this.

Deathmetal concept as a whole, although we still feel the nuance of black because vocalist ' Carter Hicks ' continued to play a role in scream, we hear in the songs ' 'Serpent Willow'. In addition, ' Serpent Willow ' give the different shades because the concept and rhythm that they offer in this song is very solid and dynamic with many include death and thrash element that is very stable. ' Impaled Visions Breed Within the Vines ' is the most memorable songs and leave a lasting impression, because in addition to the catchy riffs, "Valdrin ' is also very neat to set the balance of thrash, death and black riffs that they play, so it's very hard to be forgotten.

We think that this guy really know and smartly put the song structure in order not to boring, try to hear a song called ' Calling to the Canidae Horde '. This song is a song that is placed in the middle of the album, and is the most catchy songs, we assume that ' Valdrin ' trying to play the various nuances in this album, because after we feel the very dynamic rhythm of deathmetal and thrash that we found in the two previous songs, this time, through this song, 'Valdrin' give the feel of a melodic very thoroughly with a more harmonic, melodic, and the symphony in our ears, this is really impressive. 

 And then continues with the song titled ' Through the Catacombs ' that was very memorable. The next song is titled ''Come Fort' , bring the message of the oldschool death rhythms that they play almost thoroughly in this song and keep it balanced with the blend concept of harmonic and melodic. ' Darkness As Black As Evil ' is an element of the symphonic blackmetal that very dark and leads and is a separate entertainment for us because this album is completely different.

The Balance in play melodic , black, thrash and death riffs really presented in the three last songs titled ' Battles in the Sky ', Mdieval In the Vortex of Time/Relinquish Flesh ' and ' Forgotten Souls'. We thought, this song fits perfectly placed at the end of the album, because in addition to explaining the concept of their music as a whole, 'Valdrin' also confirms and demonstrate a character that only held by them. Very Memorable. 

We get this album through a digital format which released on 24 January, 2014, and reportedly, label 'Blast Head Records' will release it in a jewel case format in June 2014, of course we are looking forward to this, and in our opinion is a must for a label to release this album which we have no doubt about their musicality in this album. Hearing this album, we envision as being in an extremely dark dimension, but 'Valdrin' illuminate that darkness with an eternal light. Thanks For ' Valdrin '. 

Track List:
1.     A Drain in the River (intro) instrumental
2.     Beyond the Forest
3.     Rusalka Succubus
4.     Serpent Willow
5.     Impaled Visions Breed Within the Vines
6.     Calling to the Canidae Horde
7.     Through the Catacombs
8.     Come Forth
9.     Darkness As Black As Evil
10.     Battles in the Mdieval Sky
11.     In the Vortex of Time / Relinquish Flesh
12.     Forgotten Souls

line up 2014
Carter Hicks: Guitar/Synth Guitar/Vocals
James Lewis: Bass
Ryan Maurmeier: Drums

527 Cameron Avenue
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
B2H 5R8

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