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WACO JESUS - Mayhem Doctrine (2013) * Review

''She's a genital grinder, With a razor wire pubic hair, I'm a ritualistic voyeur, And I want to rip and tear'' is a substring of the lyrics from a song called ' Genital Grinder ' contained in this album.  They still exist with lyrics about Misogyny, although not thorough in this album.  But the Brutal Death Master 'Waco Jesus' remains intense gives music that is very aggressive and catchy with scum grind and keep bringing Gore in every rhythm that they played in their fifth album entitled ' Mayhem Doctrine '.

Although we found no overall the visual lyrics concept about misogyny like their first album ' The Destruction of Commercial Scum '.  But we more observing the character of Brutal, Grind and Gore that they played very neat and very well balanced than on previous albums.  They put  three those elements in every song that they play with a very consistent and stable.

'Mayhem Doctine' echoed when we first began to hear this album.   A very catchy drum beats and gore by 'Justin' began at the first tone of this song.  Not to mention, the aggressive vocals characters by  'Shane ' so bring the scent of grind in this song , as well as a touch of driving riffs played by guitarist 'Kevin' was very solid making this song is a very memorable song from this album.  The same concept by dividing these three elements in a song again we hear a song titled 'Going Viral '.

Continues on the third song titled "Public Animal # 1 ', this song is more dominated by the brutal riffs yet still does not completely eliminate Gore in their music.  A bit different than three previous songs, on a song called ' Instant Gratification ', the composition of a catchy grind and gore very harmonious and balanced that they lay.  In this song they eliminate a little brutal riffs by replacing them with the more Deathgrind music composition.  The same thing is they do again on the next song, entitled ' Conspiracist '.

'Waco Jesus' still delivering a rhythmic composition that very difficult for us to forget. All songs on this album is very memorable for us.  In addition to the lyrics of a very nasty and Criminal, 'Waco Jesus' also very concerning the harmony aspects in a song with consistent playing brutal, Grind and Gore.   All of that, they combine with a highly unified and Very characteristic.

Back to the track, a song that we most like and every day we always hear it, The song titled ' Genital Grinder '.  The song is a very characteristic and very impressive. Start with the brutal rhythms and gore at the beginning tune, make us headbang when we heard a touch of grind when Vocalis began singing.  The song that we think it is clear that 'Waco Jesus' still consistently play the three elements which we call that. The Tempo of the song is also the most varied on this album, makes us curious to hear this song again and again.

'Hyper Dominant' has a composition that is also almost the same as ' Genital Grinder '.  'Waco Jesus' as there is no bored of playing the catchy rhythms in every tone that they play in every song.  The last two tracks titled ' The Destruction of Commercial Scum ' and ' So Many Ways to Kill ' is a proof from this band how consistently they concocted  the music composition of Brutal,Grind and Gore in their own way with keep paying attention to the harmony of rhythm by rhythm that they played.  We do not hesitate with their musicality as already struggled with music character like this for 20 years.  But the main thing is we really liked the concept of the music they make, We love the catchy rhythm that they play and we have great respect for this band.

Track List:
1.     Mayhem Doctrine
2.     Going Viral
3.     Public Animal #1
4.     Instant Gratification
5.     Conspiracist
6.     Genital Grinder
7.     Hyper Dominant
8.     The Destruction of Commercial Scum
9.     So Many Ways to Kill 

line up 2014
Shane Bottens - Vocals
Kevin Menssen - Guitar
Bruce Duncan - Bass
Justin Dipinto - Drums

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