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BLOODHUNTER - Bloodhunter (2014) * Review

'Bloodhunter' come gave us an identity in play melodic death rhythm with many nuances and extremely variable, and we prove it with hearing a lot of arrangement of tempo or rhythm structure that they play is always different in every song on this album.  It is clear, besides, we never tire to enjoying their music in this album, we were also invited to enter into a different flavor in each of their songs.  In addition still carrying the Intact Melodic death character with a touch of catchy melodies, but we are more than happy with the turn of a tempo, they are doing it really solid and dynamic, and it's a tends that ' Bloodhunter ' really give an entertaining music in their debut album.

More in depth, We explore the song by song and we get a dynamical deathmetal riffs, a harmonic thrash riffs, black riffs that impressed hidden but was able to issue a different atmosphere, as well as the collaboration between the drum beats and the melody rhythm from guitar tones is very amazing, make their rhythms very hard to be forgotten.  We dare to say that this is one hundred percent catchy.  All personnel play a role and total dedication in this album.  We hear the vocal character from 'Diva Satanica ' that brings the identity in this album, with aggressive and full of hoarse, she devoured up all tempo and rhythm which they play. Not only that, the presence of guitarist 'Fenris' and Bassist ' √Čadrom ' in concocted the heavy riffs and memorable is the main role of carrying the meaning in this album.   Melodic character given by 'Fenris' absolutely stunning and cause we glued enjoys the melodic rhythms which very coalesce and unforgettable.  Drummer 'Phoghett' bring different tempo from the truth melodic death beats character.  He is able to bring each tempo in every song that played more dynamic and diverse.  We could mention it, that through the beats that he did, clearly carry an identity for 'Bloodhunter'.

We envision, when hearing the rhythm by rhythm in every song in this album, like being in a dark room, sitting in a obsolete chair, bound by barbed wire which wrap our hands and body, our mouth corked by the shroud which smells of soil, our eyes closed by black cloth, and our ear forced with a number of large-sized loudspeakers, plays screams by screams from them, so we can't apart to always anesthetized and silent to hear the strains of the rhythms from them.  That's very impressive.

After this Album opens with an instrumental titled ' The First Insurrection ', which in our opinion that ' Bloodhunter ' already describes how the character of their music are solid against the combination of Thrash and Melodic Deathmetal,, and then ,we are bombarded with the harmony of the tempo that they do in a song titled ' The Bloody Throne ',  the song begins with a dark touch through the screams of vocalis, then sounded a very memorable passage from thrumming of bass initiate their musical identity in this album.  The next song titled ' Ancestors ov All Gods ' is a song where the big role of drummer bring the rhythm and tempo that most different in this album.  This song play deathmetal, Thrash and melodic riffs is very consistent.

Get the scent of anger and darkness is the main point for us to be able to enter into the character of their music, we served by melodic that harmonic, blend and amazing at the same time really brings a message of outrage, and that we get on a song called 'Dying Sun'.   This is our favorite song, because it has the most dynamic tempo display by applying melodies that touch the soul.  The song was also impressed have the dissonance of melodic death that very strong and intact, we totally sedated hear this song.  A taste of power and the spirit by instrumental titled ' Ezequiel 25, 17 ' back they doing, and this is really made us feel like entering a new chapter to enjoy this album.

'Come to Sorrow' initiate round it with a myriad of aggressive riffs and kills. ' 'Bloodhunter' never tired of playing the varied rhythms and different tempo that really captivate the audience to always hear every song on this album over and over again, because in every early tone in each song, they always make it different.  The next songs like ' Embrace the Dark Light ', ' the Ages of Darkness ' and ' Saints of Sand ' is another proof that they show that they really have an identity and creating a variety of aromas like darkness ,Anger and passionate.  Two songs that made us curious and So awaited is the last song titled ' Bring Me Horror and Bloodhunter '.  We amazed, that they remain consistently plays a character that only those who have had, all the rhythms that they make always varies and obviously it makes them worthy of respect in terms of innovation and a more varied music in Melodic Death Scene.

This  Album will be released by the label ' Suspiria Records ' in a physical format on 23rd of April and in digital format on the 6th of May.

Track List:
1.     The First Insurrection ( instrumental )
2.     The Bloody Throne
3.     Ancestors ov All Gods
4.     Dying Sun
5.     Ezequiel 25, 17 ( instrumental )
6.     Come to Me Sorrow
7.     Embrace the Dark Light
8.     Ages of Darkness
9.     Saints of Sand
10.     Bring Me Horror
11.     Bloodhunter

Line up 2014
Fenris : Guitars
Diva Satanica : Vocals
√Čadrom : Bass    
Phoghett : Drums

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