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BOKLUK - Taphonomy (2014) * Review

Commitment plays the oldschool deathmetal rhythms in each song on the first album, entitled ' Taphonomy ', in our opinion is a grand vision of ' Bokluk ' which still retain the original deathmetal flavor . This concept swathed by the tempo structure with crushing and killing, so we can hear the brutal sound with maintaining the existence of oldschool deathmetal riffs. We rarely hear the oldschool concept with a brutal taste like This album, it's interesting because 'Bokluk' successfully played their characters, oldschool by entering the cruel rhythms tucked in every tempo that they play. Some tone that they play also includes catchy and very challenging the adrenaline. 

When we finished hearing this album, we see the balance in setting the tempo of the drums by 'Corey' with guitar riffs played by 'Tukas'. In addition the vocal character of death growl sometimes guttural and gore from vocalist ' Alex ' also makes this album feels very complete if viewed from the harmonious tempo that they play. We can feel the tempo is fast, aggressive and brutal impressed enveloping the sound character that they show.

We think that this album will play the oldschool rhythms so simple, but once we mastered the rhythm by a rhythm which they offer in each song, we were impressed that this is much more dynamic and kill. This is brutal, sickness and spooky yet still within one unit of the pure oldschool deathmetal structure. Very challenging and thrilling veins. Cool.

Indeed the brutal sound character and very crushing envelop cruel riffs that they play , does not mean it does not have the guts to bind the audience with a light and interesting rhythms, proved they still play it in every song, though not thoroughly. They prove it in the beginning of the album after an intro with the song entitled ' Nomenclature ' 22Q13. This song demolishes with pure deathmetal tempo in early tone and accompanied by slight touches of oldschool riffs. The interesting part of this song for us was when encountering a crushing and brutal sound like this, we immediately sedated with cruel rhythms that they play at the start of the tone in this song.

Still play the oldschool concept by entering the sound which is brutal and crushing is an exciting thing for us because it will bring our adrenaline to roam the emphatic riffs which they play and we met up with the next song titled ' Nausea '. The song is more clearly described the oldschool riffs thoroughly, this song also began to bring the shades of opaque and angry and the more curious to hear other songs.

'Creed Of are Excruciation' is a little bit different with the previous song if we heard from the tempo that they show, slightly reduce the speed of the rhythm of the song, but the most light and catchy that we hear on this album. Through this song, ' Bokluk ' gives a bit of a break to the audience to hear the other killing rhythms by them. After that, ' Bokluk ' back again stormed our ears with a touch of crushing on the song titled ' Excrement '. The next song titled ' The Raw ' is a song that has the longest duration and the most nuanced tunes in our opinion, this song gives a sense of blurry and dark when it heard the guitar riffs are played.

Back stormed with oldschool beats , we heard at the beginning of the tone on the song titled ' Neoteny Disclosure '. The song is still exhibiting the integrity of the concept of pure deathmetal while maintaining a balance of brutality and the crushing rhythm that they play. They show the same thing again in the ending two songss from this album, 'Mindfuck Self' and 'Taphonomy', the songs are much more dynamic and we really got their characters in these two songs. These two song also became our favorite songs. It defines about what we hope and tell at the beginning of the article. The song that really keeps the existence of the purity of deathmetal with often combine it with oldschool death riffs with bundle of very cruel and killing the sound. 

The album ' Taphonomy ' is a no-compromise album, playing crushing tunes and very challenging our adrenaline. Aggressive and rapid tempos were sure we got on this album. One of the most emphatic album, play pure and oldschool deathmetal in a balanced way that we hear this year. Hear the brutal character sound and crushing rhythm that they play, while we actually get an opaque, gore and brutality, but we still feel that ' Bokluk ' still maintaining their existence played the holy deathmetal riffs. This is much more dynamic and consistent in every tune they play.

Track List:
1. Psyche
2. Nomenclature 22Q13
3. Nausea
4. Creed Of Excruciation
5. Excrement
6. The Raw
7. Neoteny Disclosure
8. Mindfuck Self
9. Taphonomy

 Line up 2014
Álex - Vocals
Tukas - Guitar
Iago - Bass/Vocals
Corey - Drums
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