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COGNITIVE - Cognitive (2014) * Review

Our Ears back again stimulated by a cleverness in concocted many flavors in a song inside the package of techniqal structure that complex but successful crippled by playing many unique tempo and interesting, so the rhythm that they play generates a lot of nuances and flavors.  The result of the mix of multiple tempo with experimental deathmetal taste managed to make us imagined to enjoy the feel of destroying, violent , at the same we get the impression of elegance and grandeur of the rhythm and tempo that they play.  No denying anymore that Death Metaller from New Jersey ' Cognitive ' gives a fresh sense of enjoying a touch more modern deathmetal rhythms that we heard.

Not only that, we are observing that 'Cognitive' keep balance it by playing the rhythms that consistently , neat and extremely varied.  Consequent with the technical structure and successfully spread the melodies that memorable and highly nuanced make this album which we think more supress the meaning if we hear from the arrangement of melodic which fused and harmonics from the two guitarists ' Rob Warthon and Jack Iannaco'.  But you don't forget that drummer 'Mike Castro ' brings a big role with his beats and managed to divide the tempo, so it looks unique and varied.

Hearing this album makes us imagine being in a land that is very cold and that moment emerged from the underground, a sentient that its body continued to bleed,by having five hands with sharp claws, clawing our face and piercing our bodies, with its palms that ready gripping our bodies at the same time attempting to unbolt our soul from our bodies, so we can't get off to hear the brutality elements  from their monster riffs in techniqal arrogance that they provide.

Plays concept which varied directly we hear in the first song entitled ' Cut the Fuck Up '.   This song brings the basic American Brutal death style with more varied by inserting a harmonious and memorable melodies that Inflict a lot of sense when we heard the rhythm by rhythm which they offer.  Hear the next song titled ' The Aftermath ' like hearing a continuation of the first songs that evoke the shades of destroying and killing.
'Bloody Hungry' is the song that we think are the most interesting in this album, in addition giving the arrangement of different tempo from the two songs before, this song also has beats from the Techniqal composition slightly rarely our heard before. Getting the feel of a brutal that more kill finally we hear in the song titled  'Worlds Beneath'.  The Songs titled ''Regurgitated Existence' and 'Willingness of the Weak ' is the proof that this band has a strong character from the melodic that they provide, we really enjoy it.  Before that, they tuck an instrumental song with the strains of an acoustic on the song titled ''Oceanic Erosion' is also a sign that we've started to find their distinctive characters in this album.

Crushing, fast, aggressive, uncompromising and killed was other nuances that they provide in this album, and that's really we feel in the songs titled ''Imbuing of Wrath' dan 'Fire from the Sky'.  fixed in a dazzling techniqal units, they devoured all rhythms in these songs with full of energetic and really ripping the soul.

Their Debut full length album really made us get a lot of flavor from their brutal and techniqal composition, In addition to that which makes us amazed with this album is the harmonious tempo with give a sense from melodic that very touching and easy to remember, so this album indeed look full of classy creativity.

Track List:
1.     Cut the Fuck Up        
2.     The Aftermath        
3.     Blood Hungry        
4.     Worlds Beneath        
5.     Regurgitated Existence        
6.     Oceanic Erosion        
7.     Willingness of the Weak        
8.     Imbuing of Wrath        
9.     Fire from the Sky        
10.     Affliction Humanity

Mike Castro :Drums
Jake Iannaco: Guitars (lead)
Rob Wharton :Guitars (rhythm)
Art Sikora : Bass
Jorel Hart : Vocals

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