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DEFILEMENTORY reveals cover art, track list and stream new track from their upcoming debut album

The good news came from Danish Brutal Death metaller 'Defilementory' who will release their  debut album this summer through the label ' Torture Music Records '.  Eleven Track with a sense of different brutality from European-style would be stormed your ears, and you should be ready to this.  For the next info, we will back to you.

The Album is named ' The Dismal Ascension ' has completed the process of Mixing with Hugues Deslauries in surgeon's Lab studio and now they are busy for the process of mastering by Colin Marston (from Gorguts) at 1000 Caves studio in US.  Artwork done by Martin Lacroix, for the band's logo was done by 'Chris Horst '

Recently, 'Defilementory' released a track taken from the album ' The Dismal Ascension '  via stream titled ' The Mask Of Anatomy ' and you can listen here.

'The Mask Of Anatomy' still exists with basslines that are memorable and distinctive,  bring the aromas of uterry brutallity that they play, multi tempo and techniqal structure that they apply in this song makes the song titled ' The Mask Of Anatomy ' especially the album titled ' The Dismal Ascension ' is an important note of brutal dissonance and sense from the root of sickness and must to remember in this 2014.

Defilementory was formed in 2008, when Fischer and our old guitarist Johnny met on the internet. Richardt and Simon later joined completing the line-up, and after playing a lot of shows and recording our debut album, Johnny passed the torch and Lars joined in 2014.

After having quenched their thirst on all out brutality, the band started adding a more atmospheric edge to their music, and recorded the single "Infatuation With Deformity".

The band aims for a mix of brutality and atmosphere, trying to give a varied and unique soundscape, with brutal downtempo parts and fast blasting as well as atmospheric and progressive parts melded together in seamless songwriting.
Track List:
1. Intro
2. Misanthropic Emancipation
3. In Soullessness - Supremacy
4. The Mask of Anatomy
5. Endless Abjure
6. The Horrid Reflection
7. Abhorred Veracity
8. Vengeance
9. Despair
10. Sovereign
11. Departure

Fischer - bass & vocals
Simon - guitars
Lars - guitars
Richardt - drums

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