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FLESHBOMB will come with their second full length album titled 'Reincarnated In Abomination' In this summer.

Almost ten years of glued after the successful to release of the debut album entitled ' At the First Stage of Perversion', This time, Brutal death metaller from Russia ' Fleshbomb ' will be present again with their second full length album entitled 'Reincarnated In Abomination' ready was released by the Japanese label 'Amputated Vein Records ' which is planned to be released in this summer.  This Album also marked 15 years of their careers since forming in 1999 in Moscow, Russia.  For the cover art, 'Fleshbomb' give the entirely for design by  'DaeMorph'.  For next info, we will come to you to spread this pain.

Playing brutal death that painful and killed while keeping the character of a typical blastbeats and deep grunt that cruel and ruthless, will satisfy your longing for an album that actually bleeds.  Previously, 'Fleshbomb' also just released a promo 2013 entitled ' Prelude to demolition ' that involving a track titled ' Compulsive Clitoridectomy (w. improved sound) ' to be inserted into a new album soon, and deliberately we give that song for you hear here.

When we hear the song entitled 'Compulsive  Clitoridectomy ', we glued when drummer devouring all the tempo with a dense and ruthless at the same time play the character of typical blastbeats that we rarely hear.  ' Fleshbomb ' as if slicing and skinning our body through this song.  The Album was highly anticipated and we noticed in this year, because it will give you the feel of a very deep pain in this year.

The massacre under the name of 'Fleshbomb' has been started in 1999 in Moscow. By the middle of year 2000 the band has completely formed their style which was untypical for the Moscow metal scene and was held in vein of modern brutal death metal with gore lyrics. In the beginning of year 2002 was recorded a 4-song demo called "Verminous Entrails Devourment ". After some changes in a line-up on autumn of 2004 the band recording a debut album "At the First Stage Of Perversion" issued by Moscow label Not Like Most recs. in the amount of 500 copies and the original version of this CD is very rare at the moment. Through the years 'Fleshbomb' has played on one stage with bands like Dead Infection, Squash Bowels, Katalepsy, Avulsed, Skullhog, Putrid PiLe, Blasphemer, Leng Tche and many others. In the year of 2007 , 'Fleshbomb' signing a contract with a SoulFlesh collector recs. and as the first result of this cooperation was a re-issue of the album "At the First Stage Of Perversion" in the year of 2008 with bonus tracks and multimedia addition.

 Serge "Rhino" Gordeev - vocals
Anton Zhikharev - bass
Vyacheslav Chepelev - guitars
Vasiliy Golovin - drums
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