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GUTTED ALIVE - Culmination Of Mutilation (2014) * Review

Applying the brutal composition that comfortable heard and understood as well as keep it intense played the harmonization tone without neglecting the purity of deathmetal seems to be the important theme from brutal death metaller ' Gutted Alive' through their debut album which we deem very catchy and memorable entitled 'Culmination of Mutilation'.  In the execution of the brutal riffs, they really put forward a sense of catchy , rhythmic and grooved on each of their songs.  There is no tone that does not interest in any rhythm that they play in every song.  It's all very entertaining and we stay awake through this album.  We fantasize and imagined when hearing the ' Culmination of Mutilation' , like being in a warehouse containing pieces of human body and when we looked to one of the walls there are writings that say 'No matter where you hid, You will bloody ', We feel like being held and could not get out of that room, like their music that really hunting for, torturing and desperately wants to kill.

This Album begins with a harmony of tempo that feels blaspheme, with the flat tempo showing a balance between character of guttural, growl and scream.   We are so entertained by it all and immediately enchanted by the harmony of the brutal rhythms that really gripped our brain to always remember in a song called ''Cadaver Haver' and 'Infecting the Masses'.  Two songs were directly made us impressed and continue interested to hear the next songs.

Not just play the brutal riffs intensively, but they also tried to put a tempo that more varied and we could really feel the diverse the shades of kill, like inserting elements of thrash and slamming though not comprehensive, so impressed a little hidden in the integrity of the grooved deathmetal.  That's we get in the next two songs titled ' 'Unspontaneous Human Combustion' and 'Buried Deep Within'.

Creating the brutal concept by combining the grooved rhythm yet still crushing and killing, really we feel and prove it in the next song titled ' Endless Amounts of Corpses '.  The song which became our favorite. Included the myriad of catchy rhythms, unforgettable , very touching and clasping the soul, moreover, with a mix of guttural and scream which very balanced.  This song be favors because of extremely unimpeded slamming elements by them be played in this song.  Not just up there, they make more again in the next song titled ' Force Fed Acid '.
Up here, we find a lot of diversity in the tempo and nuances that they generate in this album, in addition we stay awake with the rhythm of grooved, but we still get the whole brutal character from riffs that they play.  and this of course is an album that is entertaining, not only from a purity of brutal death, but more feels harmonious when they give a touch of varying tempo and maintaining consistency of providing the catchy rhythms.  And the more it feels when entering the three last songs,  'Collector of Souls', 'Split Open Shitting Entrails' and 'Floating and Bloating'.   The Debut Album from a new band which was formed in the year 2012 and used the name ' Gutted ' at the beginning of their formation until 2013, had provided enjoyment hearing the brutal death that catchy, grooved, got taste, and stay on extreme track to plays the music concept and structure which crushing and killing.

Track List:
1.     Cadaver Haver
2.     Infecting the Masses
3.     Unspontaneous Human Combustion
4.     Buried Deep Within
5.     Endless Amounts of Corpses
6.     Force Fed Acid
7.     Collector of Souls
8.     Split Open Shitting Entrails
9.     Floating and Bloating

Line up 2014
Ryan Michael: Vox
Brandon Graves: Drummer
Jason "AHQK The Dragon Slayer" Acquilano: Guitar, Vox
Michael Sloma: Bass
12 Francis Street
Cottam, Ontario
N0R 1B0
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