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INHUMAN REMNANTS - Inattentional Blindness (Ep 2014) * Review

The concept of music like this that really we wait in this year. Giving a lot of extreme taste in a song.  Smart in hiding the techniqal and brutal composition ,so impressed they played deathmetal regularly.  A mix of early and modern deathmetal is very balanced and successful concocted the concept of music from difficult riffs be simple to be enjoyed and very catchy.  Applying the melody that very brilliant , ruthless, impale the heart and very blends in with the tempo and rhythm that played, is a satisfaction to hear the magnificent deathmetal, complete with many shades, unique as well as very elegant from the band that new we know after seeing their video some time ago titled ' Bleeding ' taken from their first Ep.  They are ' Inhuman Remnants ' coming from Australia, brought a myriad of extreme riffs , cruel and very consistent.

Our curiosity finally fulfilled when we hear the whole song on their second Ep titled ' Inattentional Blindness ' has just been released.  The four songs that really give the meaning to our curiosity about the musical concept that rich from them.  From riffs that they offer really make us stunned because it's very neat and elegant.  We have great respect for this album and We were impressed with them because they bring a new sense of deathmetal is a very amazing and brand new.

Music that really fascinates, starting with the title ' Inattentional Blindness'.  The song instantly made us fixated with melodic riffs very stabs from guitarist ' JDK ' highly brings the different sense of composition that we think is very magnificent and brilliant, directly break through in the early tone with a fusion of two vocal characters  scream and growl from vocalis ' Dave ' that actually raping our ears.  Not to mention,  a unique drum beats from ' AG ' obviously brought the different scents to enjoy music that we deem the most brilliant in this year.

Not up there, they do again on the second track entitled 'Unsane'.  This time, the nuances of the music that they offer slightly different, we got the memorable rhythms and very hard to be forgotten in this song, this song also features the unique beats and tempo.  We actually get a lot of flavor in this album, in addition to the taste of anger and brutality, we also observed that they give the feel of dark and grim if we see from some melodic rhythms that they provide, and it's really we got in the third song titled ' The Murderous and Suicidal '.

Our Satisfaction enjoyed the classy rhythms from them finally was complete through a song called  'Rotten Fruit from a Dying Family Tree'.  The character of melodic, brutal and techniqal at the same time the arrangement of tempo that very catchy and unique that they give, more and make us can not escape from this album, always want to continue to hear it, because this is rich, great and magnificent for us.

Hear the album entitled ' Inattentional Blindness ' really took us past the gate of time to another dimension that filled with the question marks, and cannot be detected by any of whatever that so we couldn't get out of it.  Make us standing silent and clammed up,  and this is the proof that this band really made us keep silence stunned and fascinated to see the beauty of extreme rhythms that they play. It is very amazing.

Track List:
1.     Inattentional Blindness
2.     Unsane
3.     The Suicidal and the Murderous
4.     Rotten Fruit from a Dying Family Tree

Line up 2014
Nathan : Bass
AG: Drums
JDK : Guitars
Dave: Vocals

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