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MORBID FLESH - Embedded in The Ossuary (2014) * Review

Hear the harmonism of melody tones is really dark and dismal shades which they play, really raping our ears to always aroused hear the tone by tone that they play. ' Morbid Flesh ' gives a sense of the different concept in enjoy the early deathmetal  which we heard through their rhythm .  Although if seen as a whole regarding the structure of the tempo that they play very strong with the scent of swedish oldschool death typical, However, that different in our opinion is the presence of the melodies and rhythms that brings a very dark atmosphere by their lead guitarists made the album ' Embedded in the Ossuary ' be a black hole that ready to attract our soul to always accompanied by this album.  Really impressive.

The characters that are so typical by the band that originally formed in 2002 and a really solid in 2007 in Spain are not until there, in the album entitled ' Embedded in the Ossuary ' we hear doom although not comprehensive, but this is a creation by 'Morbid Flesh' that is very focused to play the opaque shades by this album.  You need to remember, this album gives the tempo and riffs that catchy, rhythmic structure that sleek and the entire instrument plays a role as a solid and organized. 

Is a necessity and a pleasure for us to hear the strains of oldschool death that harmonious with shades of morose conferred by a guitarist from the melodic tones or riffs that he play.  Everything is very harmonious and very intense.  We actually smile and sedate when they played full of doom in an intro entitled ' Entrance to the Ossuary '.  It's very deep, stole the soul and really bleak. After that, they showed their true character plays  freely oldschool death with the accompaniment melodic harmonic guitar and converges on a song titled ' Charnel House '.

'Under Ragged Hoods'  almost identical to the previous song, but more dynamic in play the tempo.  Aggressive and fast fixed we got through this song, In addition we hear many a memorable and harmonious melodies in this song.  A little different when entering the early tone occurs in a song entitled ' the Rising of Shadows ' is the beats of drum greatly varies.  This song is a song that the most we like , because of the capacity of the melody rhythms with the transition of tempo really harmonious ,very dense and varied.

An expressive song they showed in the next song titled ' From Beyond the Bounds ', althought if seen from the structure of the tempo that they play almost the same in the two early songs, however we prefer to observe that the rhythm of the song is very energic and thrilling our head to headbanging.  This song still vary because they are put doom beats in the middle of this song.  This is truly entertaining.  It's not enough to hear this song for more or less five minutes only, because 'Morbid Flesh' extremelly explore the tone by tone that they play and they are memorable and very impressive.

Back to play doom nuances in early tone we heard in the last song titled ' Summoning the Sorcery of Death '. Truly amazing, this band really notice their song structure that neat in this album.  An album which in our opinion must be owned, because rich for dark atmosphere in the context of Oldschool deathmetal that neat and varied.

'Embedded in the Ossuary' recorded at Moontower Studio, released by label from Germany 'Unholy Prophecies' on April 15th, 2014.   'Morbid Flesh' was formed in 2007 from the ashes of 'undertaker' by Vali (vocals), Jose and Marc (guitars), Makeda (bass, also in 'Insulters') and Gusi (drums, also in 'Graveyard' and 'Insulters). The intention was to create festering Death Metal in the vein of pioneers like Dismember, Death,Entombed and Grave.

Track List:
1.     Entrance to the Ossuary (Intro)    
2.     Charnel House
3.     Under Ragged Hoods
4.     Rising of Shadows
5.     From Beyond the Bounds 
6.     Summoning the Sorcery of Death

line up 2014
Makeda :Bass
Mitchfinder General :Drums
C.: Guitars
Gusi : Guitars, Vocals (backing), Drums
Vali : Vocals

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