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OAKHAART - Oakhaart (Ep 2014)

For us, hearing a lot of metal elements which they apply in a shade of pride from the structure of the technical rhythm that more dynamic and baring the strains of the tone from progressive tempo that more dense and impress the more experimental is a priceless satisfaction because it really produce many ideas. The Nuances of emotion and haughtiness surely we get from the structure of tempo and rhythm that varied which they play. In addition, after digging deeper from riffs which they play and hear a lot of vocal character that they insert in a song such as a growl, scream, and clean vocals, add to the interest and really curious to hear all songs continuously, created by a band that formed in Gloucestershire, England in the year 2012 named 'Oakhaart '.

By slowly and repetitively, hear and observe their music as a whole through an earphone and closed my eyes, make us imagine a cave containing the treasure saved long in there, and to get that, we must through a lot of obstacles. Like their music that luxurious, and to get it all, should be needed an obeisance and appreciation that highly deepening.

Their concentration plays a unique conceptual through ep entitled ' Motives Of The Sane ' begins with the first song entitled ' Technological Singularity '. This song really describes a whole musical character from their actual style, with spreading the strains of progressive, melodic, power and thrash, created mutual blend with technical tempo, making this song really fresh and energized, really vary widely. And that, again they did in the second track entitled ' A Darkened Mind ', and the composition of it oncreasingly clear we hear in this song.

Observing the characteristics of their music that not only have one metal element is a grandeur of its own for us because in addition to issuing a lot of nuance in every song. But it's also really gives the education in observing the totality of the personnel with capable of creating music that gave voice to the unique sound and varied composition, they actually show it in this album. ' Uproat ' and ' The Motivates Of The Sane ' are two of the best songs for us, having the totality of many of metal elements that combined with the concept of a more rhythmic, grooved and really could not be replicated.

Track List:
1.  Technological Singularity
2.  A Darkened Mind
3.  Uproot
4.  Chrysalis
5.  Motives Of The Sane

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