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POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER - Exhumation of Sacred Impunity (2014) * Review

Producing five albums throughout their career since forming in 2001, is evidence that the band has successfully played a classy brutal riffs, magnificent and different.  With the collaboration of dazzling techniqal riffs and very catchy, the band was able to make their listener are definitely stretched out two thumbs for them ,It's very grounded, beside the brutal techniqal compositions that they play expressly and  clearly, the rhythm of the brutal harmonization riffs which they provided also outstanding neat and so blends with the ruthless tempo that they provide.  ' Exhumation of Sacred Impunity ' contains eight tracks including an intro, come through the purity of the european brutal death typical, bring a myriad of harmonization techniqal and brutal rhythms that can make your brain fibril tensed and ready to lay off your bloodstream for a moment, no matter you want to die now or tomorrow, the Injections from the toxic rhythms which is cruel and so killing will always be with you.

'Posthumous Blasphemer' from Belarus, concocted the structure and composition from their brutal and techniqal riffs strongly tied in one unity of intensity and consistency.  The Album starts with an instrumental, which full harmonization melodic nuances, that very tempting our curiosity to continue to hear this album as a whole.  And finally, it curiosity ends when we heard ' Ash For Utopia ' that filled with brutality from blastbeats that varied from drummer ' Denis Galickij ' as well as the hyper techniqal riffs from guitarists ' Fiendharon ' and bassis 'Yaroslav' is full of skill, unique, brilliant and increasingly spread the cruelty aromas, really thrilling and slicing our ears.  Techniqal taste as well as harmonization of brutality is really very impressive us through this song.  And it doesn't stop there, they inoculate again in the song titled ' Drowning in Brutality ' and ' Symbol of Despair ', and this increasingly cruel and stabbed.

'Mind Mutilation Substance' really spoiling our ears with the look of techniqal riffs that very fulfilling of brutal compositions that they play.  This is truly impressive, other than ' Posthumous Blasphemer ' stay balanced and consistent played a brutal techniqal concept, we observe from the beat-rhythms that they play in this song, until here, they increasingly make it a complete, more brutal and techniqal, all personnel actually gave the identity in this song, great and varied.

They're really smart concocted the techniqal riffs that essentially very complicated be delicious and seems very simple, and it is clear that ' Posthumous Blasphemer ' highly pay attention to their listeners, that in addition to the concept of the music that is full of brilliant skill from them, They also give a sense of always different when heard each song in their album, not only that, the rhythm of which impressed catchy and very dense, they swathe by the combination of the beauty brutal techniqal riffs that full of harmonization tones that interrelated.  And again, we prove it in a song called ' Bloody Hatchet of Forgiveness '

Same thing to the previous songs, in the final two tracks titled ' 'From Faith to Sadism' and 'Second Coming Instincts',  they still showed their strong character, playing a brutal and techniqal riffs with dynamically, consistent and very intense.  In terms of the arrangement of the song in this album, they also arrange it neat and well structured, and impressed are inter-related from one song to another song, and obviously when we heard the strains of rhythm in the final part on the closing entitled 'Second Coming Instincts', it seems obvious this is a continuation package of the opener intrumental that they play at the beginning of this album.  There is no tone that does not interest and kill on this album.  For us, all of tones can we digested,  and comfortable for us.  The main thing is this album gives a complexity of rhythm and tempo, but that does not mean it is hard to be heard, however the reverse is they can simplify it by performing more harmonious, melodic, unique and neat, so that the complex tones which they play be a unity of the strains that touch and retains a sense the purity of brutal deathmetal.

Track List:
1.     Rivers of Poisoned Faith
2.     Ash for Utopia    
3.     Drowning in Brutality
4.     Symbol of Despair
5.     Mind Mutilation Substance
6.     Bloody Hatchet of Forgiveness
7.     From Faith to Sadism
8.     Second Coming Instincts

line up 
Yaroslav : Bass
Den : Drums
Fiendharon : Guitars
Biven : Vocals
Praskilevich D.A.
Prospekt Andropova d.32\37 kv.107
115487. Moscow , RUSIA
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