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PURGATION - Exterminated Malfeasance (Ep 2013) * Review

There's no need for us to doubt them when we came into their first song entitled ' 'Uncanny Obsession'.  We hear the concept of early deathmetal highly grasping from them.  Debut Ep entitled 'Exterminated Malfeasance' from Indian death metaller ' Purgation ' really assertive and ruthless, focus creates the strains of rhythm that very grooved is the other side just how this album is delicious and comforting.  But behind it all, pure brutal riffs that impressed of deathgrind, a little hidden that shown so thrilling and piercing the soul.

We likens that the Ep entitled '  Exterminated Malfeasance ' like a dagger stab straight directly into the chest.  It is not denied, because the compositions of tempo and early deathmetal rhythm which they play really on track, straight with occasional make sense of catchy and very entertaining.

Hear the album in its entirety is a pleasure to get tones that made us headbang and moshing and this is we need at this time.  All the rhythm that stab this soul back we hear on the next song titled ' Communal Carnage ' Moreover, it starts from the typical drum beats and bring the character before we enjoyed the whole rhythm that is so thrilling the body to always move and sway. This song is very interesting.

'Immaculate' remains consistent with the rhythm that grooved and transitions of tempo that seem simple but not boring.  If we noticed of an arrangement of tempo at this song, We see that ' Pugation ' so obvious and uncompromising play the early deathmetal beats that impress very courage .  But if we look at it in terms of the rhythm or riffs that they play, we get a sense of the combination of European and American deathmetal style.  It was really fun to be able to listen to this mix with neat and consistent.

In addition, hear song by song that they play in this first ep, If we look back from the arrangements of brutal rhythms that they play, We get a little touch of deathgrind though not thoroughly, the song titled ' Repugnant Flesh ' and 'System Impaled' voicing it.   The Deathmetal rhythm that varied and grooved as well as the brutal riffs that sickened is highly heard in these two songs.  For us, 'Purgation' give something really entertaining, deathmetal tones that brings nuances and the main thing for us is they're very consistent play rhythms that captivate their audience, it's really interesting.

A quote from their biography.  'The anatomical existence of Purgation was made in late 2010. Purgation was previously manifested by comrades as Flesh Protocol. With a change in our lineup as well as our sound, we decided to pursue all endeavors in the form of aggressive musicality. Purgation bears a metaphoric pun, i.e Immaculate the false, cleaning up of human garbage. The system shall disintegrate. The band had supported Mighty Wormrot from Singapore in the Undergrind Fest'12. The band has also supported Mighty Orator from Bangladesh at Death Skull Ritual 2, 2013. We had also supported mighty Nafarmaan, Morbidity, Savage Deity, Kathgor, Warhound and Orator in The Banish the Posers Fest in Bangladesh. Our EP "Exterminated Malfeasance" has broken through the barriers of our system. It has been been slapping in the face of corruption since the day of release.

Track List:
1.  Fractured Chaos(Intro)
2.  Uncanny Obsession
3.  Communal Carnage
4.  Immaculate
5.  Repugnant Flesh
6.  System Impaled

Line up 2014
Slaughterhouse Records
P.O. BOX 711801
Salt Lake City, Utah
United States

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