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REALITY GREY - Define Redemption (2014) * Review

We observe a lot of the things that make this band is very different from other bands, especially in the melodic death scene. Of the arrangement of the rhythm that they play, for us, it is a concept that was very brave of them to combine rhythms that very cruel, brutal, crushing and technical from deathmetal riffs that they play, harmoniously with the beauty of the tempo in a super catchy melodic structure and very memorable in our brain. If we're talking a flavor that results from their music, of course we've got from the melodic character that they play that really gives a sense of cool, calm and rage because it's true that this band intense plays melodic death riffs. But after we perceive again from the structure of the rhythm that they play, we get many flavors when we hear an arrangement of tempo that they play. From beats that played by the drummer that extremely variable, making their music are really very expressive, techniqal ,blasphemous and energized, whereas if we hear from melodic offered by two of their guitarists, this is really very beautiful and soulless.

'Reality Grey' is a melodic deathmetal band from Bari, Italy that provide a new nuance and character from a melodic death scene that we hear during this are very beautiful and touched the soul, but they make it more cruel, crushing and killing. Hear the rhythm by rhythm in their second full length album titled ' 'Define Redemption' was released by ' Bakerteam Records ' in April 15 ago. We deify like hold two swords in right hand and left, our right hand, ready to chop off the head of the sinner, and our left hand ready to stab the heart of demons. Really expressive. 

Our brain is direct stimulated with harmonization in playing the melodic rhythm that blends, brilliant, full of flavor and rhythms in the opening two songs of this album entitled ' Ascension Lapse ' and ' Deadlock '. These songs remain intense played melodic structure as a whole, but we are more observing in a song called ' Deadlock', because it is more varied in the set of the tempo and began offering their actual musical character by blending elements of crushing and brutal in a strain of melodic death that full with assertiveness.

They also incorporate elements of thrash that aggressive, fast and variable is an important point for us to enjoy music that is not monotonous from them, Obviously this is very entertaining and impressive, It is truly we feel in song titled ' Rot of Nation '. This song also began to show a cruel composition of some brutal riffs that they play, all the rhythm in this song they shredded in a stability of oldschool and modern deathmetal. The song was instantly made us have to choose, it is the best rhythm on the album.

We assume that creating the compositions of melodic deathmetal rhythm that actually produce the feel of silent, beautiful, cold, dark and black, angry and touches the soul is the obligation for a band in the melodic death scene, besides their stay on track and play true to the genre, the listeners can also enter into a scent that they bring, that's what we get in the next two songs titled ' I Despise ' and ' Equilibrium '. But you should know, we find many technical compositions that they apply in these two songs, this is proof that this band really clever set the mood and feel of the music and at the same time they seem to hide the melodic death riffs in one technical composition, so this really be not boring. Awesome.

It became clear in the next two songs titled 'Departed Designs' and 'Burn the Sky'. Comes with the concept of rhythm that solid and balanced among the mix of Melodic, thrash, techniqal which impressed very catchy increasingly make our ears continue to be tempted with rhythms that they play. Very energetic and of course we really get carried away in the crush aromas in these songs. We didn't hesitate and think that this band had everything to be a great band because they dared and succeeded in creating the concept of melodic death that touches the soul but also very cruel and different from the melodic death rhythm generally.

Slightly changed the tempo and we think is actually a touch of nuance is very deep and very pure from melodic death riffs that they apply in this album. The song that really yanked the soul, producing the purity from the sense of melodic death and managed to offer an atmosphere of gloom and darkness finally we've found in the last two songs titled ' Hypocrisy Breeds Hatred ' and ' Define Redemption '. But we prefer to observe that the band managed to slice up and stimulated our ears with their courage incorporate elements of crushing and brutal into their melodic death composition which we think extremely sparse found it. And we do not hesitate to say that this band really brings new flavors to savor a melodic death are more fascinating and diverse.

Track List:
1.     Ascension Lapse
2.     Deadlock    
3.     Rot of Nation
4.     I Despise
5.     Equilibrium
6.     Departed Designs
7.     Burn the Sky
8.     Hypocrisy Breeds Hatred
9.     Define Redemption

Line up 2014
Tommy - Vocals
Alex - Bass
Albo - Guitar
Anto - Guitar
Claudio - Drums

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