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SATANIC DYSTOPIA - Double Denim Shotgun Massacre (cassette album) (2013)

This band got everything to kill you with the crushing tones and fast rhythms.  Their music is very expressive and balanced by the existence of their black vision shrouded by heavy thrash riffs and consistent.  We hear a lot of aggressive tones as well as the strains of provocations that they play.  And this is really different and very entertaining.  In addition, the character of Vocalis 'A. Osta ' which in our opinion is the main source of how the taste of thrash and black is very visible in this album, his Vocal Character is blasphemous, fast and rhythmic.  The Album ' Double Denim Shotgun Massacre ' is a courage from 'Satanic Dystopya' integrate the scum black strains and thrash into a concept of blasphemy and destroy.  But you don't forget something important, that this album really brings the feel of a cruel and it's very entertaining us.

In plays the rhythms that solid and straightforward, ' Satanic Dystopia ' also include the structure of the oldschool death and thrash rhythms without reducing the black dissonance that remains attached and accompanying the concept of rhythm that they play in every song in this album, We still got a black scent from their vocal character. In addition to the catchy riffs, it also tells us about the quality of a fairly simple thrash but was able to bring an atmosphere of anger when hearing the rhythm by rhythm that they play.  it was we can at the first song called ' Double Denim Shotgun Massacre '.

We have no doubt that this band really brings the scent of anger when hearing their  music.  And it was really they prove it in the second track entitled ' Steel Breeze '.  This song is really crushing by applying the concept of fast and expressively.  This song is a reflection of how the character of their music.   Drummer ' C. Cox ' many play a role in this song.  The third song titled ' Nuclear Nightmare ' contains catchy rhythms and has beats and very different tempo with two songs before.  The songs that really entertain that we feel.

Back getting brutal and crushing with the fast rhythm is very dense, we feel and hear in the song titled ' Blood, Spit & Concrete '.  The song also features the simple tempo transition and can be enjoyed.  ' Bastard Squad ' direct vibrated in our ears with a touch of crushing in the early tone by beats from drummer whose back making blasphemy to the vocalis in utter more provocative ruckus through this song.  This song is very cool and become our favorite songs.

Not stop until there, 'Satanic Dystopia' are often play the different tempo in each arrangement of their song, for the song titled ' Tombstone Queen ' starts with a medium tempo however did not last long, they back showed off their scum black thrash in a slightly more dynamic rhythm and tempo that monotony. Monotonous not mean dull.  We really enjoy and get carried away with the tempo transition that they play is so simple and easy to remember.  The song titled ' Black Stallion ' is proof that despite they play the crushing rhythm and fast, they are also capable of anesthetized us with a mid tempo rhythm and it's clear that they are really ripe prepared a concept and a different tempo from song to song and really make us satisfied to hear this album.

Moreover, the album closes with a strains of the piano , soothing the soul and beginning the touches of crushing by them in the song that later became the name of the band called 'Satanic Dystopia'.  In our opinion, what is indicated by  ' Satanic Dystopia' in this song is a reflection of how their musical character is really indicated in this song.  It is true that this album carries the scent of anger because it's very aggressive and blasphemy, but on the other side, ' Satanic Dystopia ' brings the black thrash rhythms more crushing, honest, straightforward and uncompromising, and they remain in the position of how all the riffs who they play very simple and easy to enjoy.

A little story which we quote from their biography.   Spawned from the Northern wastelands during winter candlemass Satanic Dystopia was called upon to pay tribute to masters of old, visual atrocities and unholy violence.

On the Sixth day of April the Double Denim Shotgun Massacre rituals took place under the sign of the black mark in Rottingham, England. Eight tracks of black thrashing metal were recorded to bring heathens to their knees.

 Line Up 2014
Vocals: A.Osta
Drums: C.Cox
Bass:    J.Lawrence
Guitar:  O.Turner

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