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VASOMORTUS give sample songs for their upcoming debut album

The Young Guns from Indonesia ' Vasomortus ' ready with their debut album entitled 'Instrument Torture Of Pyramid'  which is planned to be released this year by the label from Ukraine ' Eclectic Productions '.  This Debut album is planned to be set up nine songs that will slicing your ears by the cruel and brutal rhythms.  For the artwork has done by ' Debronzes art '. For the next info, we will notify you of this soon. Stay tuned.

' Vasomortus ' is busy preparing for the recording of this album, but even so, they still had a chance to give the three sample tracks from their debut that can be heard here.
When we heard three sample songs that they publish recently, doubtless they really give a sense of the purity of brutal death with occasional give slamming aroma , the high tempos that were impressed varied, plays the brutal riffs that cruel and sick that it is definitely slicing the ears, however the most interesting, is their ability to play the brutal rhythms that dynamic and harmonious despite it not comprehensive.  Listened to sample tracks from their debut album is like holding a Rusting dagger that readies to rip this chest, and it feels like want to unleash the heart out of the body, and this really killed.  'Instrument Torture Of Pyramid' obliged noted as a cruel albums in this year.  

'Vasomortus' formed in Kediri in 2008 who was then using the name ' Suicide Syndrome ' and consists of ' Aldo-Guitars, Bara-drums, Gempur J-Vocals' and they changed the band name to be Vasomortus after they add a new ammunition on bass instruments called ' Zaki'.    However in 2009, Vocalist ' Gempur ' left the band, and his position is replaced by ' Andre ' but it did not last long, and the band ever had a long hiatus.   Finally in January 2013, the band returned with their cruelty spread , share the stage with other brutal bands, with new line up, new powers and a new vision.

Track list:
1. Abbatoir With Plan Without Dribble Blood
2. Orgy Of Dismemberment Torture
3. Torture Of Pyramid
4. Human Slaughter At The End
5. Suffering Retaliation Vile
6. Bestiality In Perfect Cleavage Inhuman
7. Mutilation In Casket
8. Consume disgusting flesh from slaughter rest
9. Condemned To Suffer

Line up 2014
Wildan - Guitar
Lambang - Vocal
Soba - Drum
Evgeny Butenko
P.O.Box 6822
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