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AUROCH gives teaser and streaming a song titled ' Noxious Plume ' from their upcoming album

The Canadian Death metaller ' Auroch ' recently give a sense of a teaser and a song titled ' Noxious Plume ' of their second full length album titled ' Taman Shud ' which was released on the CD version by ' Profound Lore Records ' on June 24, 2014 and make sure will provides it in the LP Format via labels ' Dark Descend Records ' in July 2014. All that can be heard here.

'Taman Shud' consists of nine songs and recorded in ' Rain City Recorders ' in February, while the artwork did by ' Cold Poison '. In anticipation of this album, they give a song called ' Noxious Plume ' which can be heard here.

Noxious Plume was technical sensation with an emphasis on rhythm arrangements and tempo that intelligent, unique and impressed far from any equation.  Anti against impersonation and as if killing the triumph of technical death civilization in general with cleverly hide the essence of darkness that denser and highly nuanced to be a sense of high aggression.

Album 'Taman Shud ' will also be introduce a bassist and vocals ' Shawn Hache (Mitochondrion)', with Guitar, Vocals ' Sebastian Montesi ' and ' Drummer 'Zach Chandler ', they will threaten and slicing your ears with dark and cruel riffs through the albums ' Taman Shud' that must expected in this year.

Track List:
1.     Villainous        
2.     Octavo (Swirling in Capricorn)        
3.     Noxious Plume        
4.     Taman Shud        
5.     Voice of Gemini        
6.     Death Canonized        
7.     Defixio        
8.     Novemportis        
9.     The Balkan Affair

Line Up 2014
S.M. : Guitars, Vocals
Z.C. :Drums
S.H.: Bass, Vocals

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