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CHRONOSPHERE - Embracing Oblivion (2014) * Review

We do not hesitate mentioning their music is perfect since they released their debut album two years ago, and this time they came again with a second full length album entitled ' Embracing Oblivion '. This is more kicked our brains again because this album is more mature and very beautiful. Rapid and full of anger nuances certainly obtained in this album. Besides, remain consistent plays aggressive tempo from start to finish is a satisfaction for us enjoy the music that's full of energy. We feel the concoction of old school thrash and little add to the aroma of new wave thrash , so attached on this second album, side by side with the diversity of melodic and fused, makes this album, so memorable and exclusive to be heard.

For us, hearing this album is like walking in an old city which contained a deadly virus and when we stopped, we heard the screams from a window of the building, as if to greet us with all their pain and anger that readily infect our bloodstream and adrenaline.

A fast drum beats and vocal character that rending the adrenaline opening this album with the song entitled 'Killing My Sins' and 'One Head Red Per Saint'. Two songs that instantly kick boredom. With a combination of old school thrash death beats are balanced and full of aggression, grooved and has a melody that conceals the rage. Continuity with little change in composition, we feel the aroma of new wave thrash denser, on the next song titled ' Porce Fed Truth '.

The faster and filled with an injection of anger from intoning of thrash riffs that so assertive, we hear in the song titled 'Brutal Decay', 'Frenzied from Inside' and 'Herald The Uprising'. We liked the rhythm of a melody that they play on the these three songs , really very touching, a lot of nuances and away from boredom. The next song titled ' City of the Living Dead ' is a little surprising, because we feel the concept that varies, by incorporating elements of dark, modern thrash and blasphemous riffs from death thrash tones ,so slicing and raping our ears. Although this song was impressed more emphasis on instruments than the vocals, but for us, ' Chronosphere ' proves that their music in this album is more mature than the previous album. And they prove it again on a song called ' Seized lost chain ' and ' Beyond Nemesis, this time more dynamic, harmonious and solid.

'The Redemption', this time they actually carry and prove the new wave thrash from an instrument that entertaining and cool , We feel it from the turn of tempo that they do, guitar riffs that they play, and of course , the nuances that resulting from this song. For us, 'Chronosphere' provides maturity, clarity, assertiveness and perfection on this album. Although we thought, they fixed or still shows aromas of old school thrash, but in some song, we could feel the mix of new wave thrash more mature and very clear.

Track List:
1.     Killing My Sins        
2.     One Hand Red Per Saint        
3.     Force Fed Truth        
4.     Brutal Decay    
5.     Frenzied from Inside        
6.     Herald the Uprising        
7.     City of the Living Dead        
8.     Seize Your Last Chance        
9.     Beyond Nemesis        
10.   The Redemption

Spyros Lafias : Vocals, Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Panos Tsampras : Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kostas Spades : Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Thanos Krommidas : Drums

Casella Postale 74
13836 Cossato (BI)

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