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DAY OF DOOM Streaming a song titled ' Slaughter Of The Lamb ' from their new album ' The Gates of Hell ' , ready to be released on June 6, 2014.

Finally, Death Metal band from Long Island, New York ' Day Of Doom ' through the label 'Lavadome Productions 'confirmed that their third album titled ' The Gates Of Hell ' will released on June 6, 2014. And now, the label ' Lavadome Productions ' has opened a digital pre-order via their Bandcamp site which we attach under this article.

The Gates of Hell ' contains 11 songs, while for art is done entirely by Raul Gonzales. More recently, 'Lavadome Productions ' gives a song again, this time titled ' Slaughter Of The Lamb ' which can be heard here, including a song called ' Through Horrible Despair ' which also provided to you here.

The song titled ' Slaughter Of The Lamb ' lasted four minutes more, have a strong rhythm characteristic by blending dark scent from doom into an old death metal package that could be heard from some beats and tempo that they play. It also defines a rhythm of crushing death metal that is unfettered by showing off the blasphemy rhythm from a rumble slamming guitar riffs and embrace the soul through a dark series of brutalities that not undefined. Whereas ' Through Horrible Despair ' trigger adrenaline with brutal beats that fast at the beginning and exist by blending the dark arrogance from the scent of slamming and doom that really coalesce and bound in one unity through guitar riffs and beats of old death metal.

For us, hear two songs it's like being in a dark hole, without the slightest light, along with the roots of death that convolute this body, cannot move and could only hear the blasphemies from the devil that really tore this ear, like their music that filled with shades of dark from the vices that really punishes and threatens. ' The Gates Of Hell ' is an album that full of dark lament from the misery that emerging from all corners of the brutal, ruthless and blasphemy that really stabs and urging the soul, and we must to have it.

Track list:
1. The Gates of Hell
2. Father's Lies
3. Embrace Your Demise
4. Slaughter Of The Lamb
5. An Evil Demoncy (The Last Days Of Doom)
6. Circle Of Eternal Aftermath
7. The Vomitorium Angel
8. Feasting On The Flesh Of The Godly Ones
9. Reborn Through Oblivion Flames
10. Through Horrible Dispair
11. Remnants In The Cavern Of Displeasure 

Rich Hervey-Drums Vocals
Doug Randazzo-Guitar/Vocals
Sam Lara- Bass/Vocals

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