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DEVANGELIC - Ressurection Denied (2014) * Review

They came from Rome bring the roar of blasphemy from the purity of the guttural accuracy that made us silent in a moment. because the scent of brutal which they inflatable in our ears, really penetrate and thrilling the fibril in the brain. Drum beats that are really cruel and kill, not to mention the guitar riffs which incite and really seducing this ear to always hear and cannot off from the earphones are a comfort and satisfaction for us, that the album entitled ' Ressurection Denied ' really conjures taste and passion of all surges of emotion, anger is inexorable, and imagination to gripping any torture. 'Ressurection Denied' like a leech, unwittingly they suck blood continuously, like their music, unconsciously, we always repeat to hear their rhythms until the upheavals of anger that exists in the brain appeared and that's when, we began to write this review.

Playing a painful of brutal concept from the hectic guttural rhythm with the guitar riffs which incite and blaspheming, begin to seem on early songs titled 'Eucharistic Savagery' , 'Crown Of Entrails' and 'Disfigured Embodiment'. These songs are really minced our ears with the beats of blasphemy and painful from a plume a sense of being full of rage that unconsciously has started the arrogance of this wrath. They give songs that we think is most painful in this album from the aroma of ruthless and cruel, really produced in the songs called 'Unfathomed Evisceration' and 'Entombment Of Mutilated Angels'.

'Perished Through Atonement ' and ' Desecrate The Crucifix ' are songs that became our favorites, because they give a little of brutality bang that harmonious and dynamic, remain on the dissonance of surliness and the cruelty of the rhythm and tempo that really they apply in these songs. Still painful with beats who bring the splendor of the purity of brutal death metal.

The last two songs, 'Apostolic Dismembering' and 'Devouring The Consecrated' gives a firmness of their existence play a sick brutal guttural concept. They keep slicing the ear by riffs of ruthless, tigerish and kill from the first song to end, filled with brutal rhythm that classy, ensuring a kill nuance from every rhythm and tempo that they play, and still give attention to the purity of the series of brutal death metal concept .

'Ressurection Denied ' really fulfilling all aspects of brutality, filled with an explosion of wrath and blasphemy is the main thing, why should we still be tempted to always be accompanied with the cruel and ruthless riffs from them. The album is also really brings sublimity and chastity of brutal death from a musical rhythm that really hoist the imagination of torture and kill

Track List
1. Eucharistic Savagery
2. Crown Of Entrails
3. Disfigured Embodiment
4. Unfathomed Evisceration
5. Entombment Of Mutilated Angels
6. Perished Through Atonement
7. Desecrate The Crucifix
8. Apostolic Dismembering
9. Devouring The Consecrated

Line up 2014
Alessandro "Venders" Santilli :Drums
Mario Di Giambattista :Guitars
Paolo Chiti :Vocals
Damiano Bracci: Bass 

P.O. Box 1518
Kings Mountain, North Carolina 28086
United States
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