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DRÅP - En Naturlig Död (2014) * Review

We enjoy and actually hear the concept that more varied from the intoning of crust rhythm that solid, more aggressive, ruthless and emotional nuances in the scope which more noticeably on the old school beat that played by ' DRÅP ', a Band that originated in Sundsvall, Sweden, that we think creating fresher concept from the discrust harmonism that they play.  We also see ' Drap ' many put the tempo or beats of old school death, Grind, and Doom.  But whatever it is,  'Drap' keep really evoke a sense of our emotional by playing riffs from the Basic of discrust elements with more varied display, more nuanced but impressed simpler to enjoy.

For us, hear the album titled 'En Naturlig Död' as stepping on the head of government official who are dirty, gluttonous, and not think of the fate of his people. The emotional nuances and provocation actually we feel on this album, starting with a raspy vocal character, barf, raw , very distinctive and reflects a cry of dissonance from the state of the world right now. The Guitar riffs that really brings the element of crust that denser and very angry, not to mention the beat by beat that fast, aggressive and vary from the drummer, impressed our emotional sense let continues to listen to the rhythm by rhythm that full of aggression from them. It is really impressive.

'En Naturlig Död' directly insulting, when the first track ' Preparat ' is played. This song is varied but not eliminate the aroma of Crust, even more markedly since we actually get the catchy strains from some parts of the rhythm that they play. ' Avsked ' and ' Förstörd ' bring us back to the era of the 80 's where they highly viscous bring the element of discrust. ' Häktad ' and ' Horblod ' is no different from the previous two songs, but in these two songs, we entertained because getting the grind aroma though not comprehensive, and they really do in a scope of beats that more feels the old school death and produces a little dark shade. 

A song called 'Nekad Till Vård ' is a song that was really emotional in our opinion and we chose this song as our favorite song on this album.  Besides we have the most varied rhythms, The highly aggressive vocal character in this song as if to invite us to shout along to voice the aspirations of a heart that is being combated by the circumstances that happened today.  A very memorable songs and keep a sense of high emotion.  So is the next song ' Vedergällning ' which in our opinion is a continuation of the song 'Nekad Till Vård '.

Up to here, ' Drap ' has managed to bring a sense of our emotional by listening to the scent of anger, blasphemy and anarchist through the riffs that they play.  The last two tracks entitled ' Ett Hopplöst Fall ' and 'En Naturlig Död ' are two songs that we think really explains the character of their music.  By staying on the crust, they try to make it more varied and combine to old school death, scent of grind and a little taste of doom.  Frankly, we had really get carried away with the scent of the anger of the arrangement of rhythm that they play on this album.  So, through the album 'Ed Naturling Dod ', let your emotional sense peaked and higher, because this album is your armament in fight your enemies.

  • Preparat
  • Avsked
  • Förstörd
  • Häktad
  • Horblod
  • Nekad Till Vård
  • Vedergällning
  • Höstmörker
  • Ett Hopplöst Fall
  • En Naturlig Död. 

Vox - Joachim
Guitar - Jesper
Bass - Ragnar
Drums - Lejon


EMF Records

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