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GRAVECRUSHER - Morbid Black Oath (mcd-2014) * Review

We are ready to smile and entertained when heard the rhythms that really kicked off the boredom. Through the touch of harmonious from death metal beats from European style and touch a bit of American Death Metal style, fastened strong with old death metal riffs that 100 percent is catchy and dynamic, thrilling of the body to always moving and swaying, has the feel of a violent, anger and sometimes too dark and leaden. Yes, it's time for us, enjoy the rhythm that impressed simple yet really entertaining, which makes this head cannot stop headbang, and through earphones and then imagine, their music likes a murderer cold-blooded who dress office uniform, and then walked into the boss room, approached and immediately put a pistol right in the forehead and shot him. This really suddenly, like their music is catchy, it suddenly stimulates our ears through the delicious rhythm from bass that initiates a tone in a song titled ' Triump on the Undeed '. Delicious, instantly enthralled and entertained.

We know that the mcd entitled ' Morbid Black Oath' from the band which was formed two years ago in Hungary, contains seven songs composed of four new songs and three songs taken from their demo titled ' Mutilation Ritual ' will feature a ton of catchy riffs, It already we see and hear from their demo that released two years ago. Although this is only mcd, nonetheless to be proud of being ' Xtreem Music '; because until now, the label continues to produce the quality bands, not only that, they also produce bands that have a strong vision and character in music, able to entertain the listeners, and that is what we feel right now from 'Gravecrusher'.

The scent of delicious and beauty of the rhythms that really dispose of boredom and monotony,  have been opened since two early singles entitled ' Triump on the Undeed ' and 'Necromantic Perversion'.  This Two tracks are aggressive and very assertive with the Character of Swedish old school death metal style, but we ' re not thinking about it, because these two tracks are already giving a lot of nuances and that is what we would expect and get from this band.  The beauty of Swedish Old school death metal rhythm back be played in a song titled ' Morbid Black Light ', still has a lot of nuances, besides could feel the anger from the scents of music that   they play, but this time they gave a dark scent that denser, compared to the two previous songs.

'Worship The Impaler '  really tore the ear with a balance between the rhythms of Old school death metal Europe and America style, the song is full of anger and really attack the dissatisfaction.  The last three tracks titled ' Ritual Mutilation, Deranged Massacre, Cryptic Butchery ' are evidence of their existence that really invites us to headbang, play the rhythms that really kills boredom, and it is always to be heard.  ' Gravecrusher ' is really putting themselves as music lovers who know how to make music be not tired and actually invites the listener to feel the deeper meanings from their music that full of anger, occasionally cold and excited.

Track List:
01. Triumph of the Undead
02. Necromantic Perversion
03. Morbid Black Oath
04. Worship the Impaler
05. Mutilation Ritual (*)
06. Deranged Massacre (*)
07. Cryptic Butchery (*)
(*) bonus from "Mutilation Ritual" demo

Line Up 2014
 Revenger - Vocals
Disemboweler - Guitars
Disguster - Guitars
Chaosprayer - Bass
Mutilator - Drums
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