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HELGARDH release official video clips called 'The Aberration Scars ' from their upcoming release 'Mallevs Maleficarvm'.

Blackened Death from Appalachia, USA has just been successfully released their debut album titled ' The Black Flame Descent ', come again by bringing the dismal message through the injection of venom from an official video clip entitled ' The Aberration Scars ', taken from their sophomore release "Mallevs Maleficarvm' which will be released later this year through the label ' Horror Pain Gore Death Productions ' and you can see here. 

A song called ' The Aberation Scars ' is a veneration from the aroma of eternity in combining the inner gloom of Black metal that full of sedition with the aura of devastation from all corners of the disgrace and brutality of death metal rhythms are embraced in a balanced way and solid against the dark aura and the black norm of the rulers of the darkness.  

On 21st June, 'Hellgardh' is also ready for the Ceremonial Silence Tour with Pennsylvania Black Metal act, ' Neldoreth'. The tour will hit most major cities from the mid-west to the east coast, and will have a focus on the southeastern part of the US that we missed on our last US tour. For the schedule, they will release soon on their official website. 

Their debut Album, entitled 'The Black Flame Descend ' was released by the same label in 4 February 2014 in digital format and CD. The Album really injecting the darkness and gloom with further accentuates the rhythm of the majesty of black metal, high nuances by blending gloom elements from the structure of a deeper technical and actually voiced the aspirations of the darkness. We intentionally gave two songs titled ' Abomination ' and ' The Black Shrine Suffering '. But if the darkness was still less, you can directly visit

Founded by guitarist and vocalist Famine in 2009, they have since been on a quest to disperse their somber and sickening message. Spewing words of the Occult and Witchcraft underneath technically written composition and rugged melodies, this band will become perpetual. You have a slaying monster that’s spreading its putrid filth. They infested the Appalachian with their plague, and they’re descending from the rocks where they came to disperse their epidemic. This indomitable beast will surely poison your mind.

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