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INFEST - Cold Blood War (2014) * Review

Wake up in the early morning, take a pair of axes that have been honed yesterday from behind the bedroom door and put it behind the black jacket, bring all the hatred and anger while riding a motorcycle to attack our enemies and determined to cut off their heads and put it in a sack and bring it back home, that is the shades which we describe when we heard the fourth album titled ' Cold Blood War' from ' Infest ' which we thought was a band that most respected in Serbia for 12 years that remain consistent produces music that is filled with the aroma of rage inside the Arrogance of Death and thrash that balanced and intense.  Fast Riffs which they play in this album really made us woke up to always excited while the aura of energy and full of aggressiveness that they make on this album is really impressive and far from boredom.

This of course is evident from the catchy music and always wanted to be heard over and over again, moreover, this album begins with two songs that bombard our emotions with nuances of anger and hatred entitled 'Destroyer of Their Throne' and 'Of Everlasting Hate'.  Two songs that became our favorite of all the songs that we think is best because it has attractive and entertaining riffs.  Tempo and guitar riffs that are very provocative and killing, really we enjoy and feel from these two songs.

The Rhythms which they played on this album from start to finish is indeed impressed cruel,  quickly, loud and assertive without compromise and while maintaining the balance among beats and tempo from Death and thrash that intense and matched, make this album, we deem as the most memorable death thrash album in this year.  This is absolutely reasoned, when we heard the next two songs called  'Kill Their Weakness' and 'Among the Fallen Ones'.  These song really energized and kill, successfully created the feel of the anger when hearing the tones that they play and the main thing is when we look at the structure of the rhythm they play, this is very interesting and memorable to headbang.

From setting the tempo, Infest including the most solid, because besides remain true and consistent playing death thrash, this band also smart set the rhythm from the song structure contained in this album.  Aggressiveness and filled with fast riffs really we can feel at the early four songs on this album, but when hearing a song called ' Demonic Wrath', Infest change their musical composition by applying a mid tempo and slightly change the nuance of anger that we get before being cold and quiet but still blasphemous.

The more aggressive and fast back again we enjoy in the next song entitled ' 'Nuclear Warlust' , 'Cold Blood War' and 'Terror Lord'.  Beat by beat from drummer ' Zombie ' that very blasphemous combined with the vocal character by 'Vandel' that fast, aggressive and full of anger and also playing guitar , let alone with the character of guitar and bass riffs that very touching the emotions and really makes the wound in our body when hearing it from 'Tyrant ' and 'Warlust' complete for us to mention this album did really bring the cruel aroma and full of Emotions.

A last song that they give as a bonus track on the album entitled 'Neka Vatre Gore ' is a testament to how the band remains consistent and intense, plays death thrash riffs that very touching the soul and filled with the scent of anger, and at the same time proves that there is no doubt for this band , create music that really expressive and really create an atmosphere of high emotional .  'Infest' successfully give all that on this album. Cool.

Track List:
01. Intro
02. Destroyer of their Throne
03. Of Everlasting Hate
04. Kill their Weakness
05. Among the fallen Ones
06. Demonic Wrath
07. Nuclear Warlust
08. Cold Blood War
09. Terror Lord
10. Neka Vatre Gore (bonus)

 Line up 2014
Tyrant :Guitars (lead)
Zoran "Vandal" Sokolovic :Vocals, Guitars  
Zombie :Drums
Warlust :Bass

P.O.Box 666
28080 - Madrid


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