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KONKEROR - The Abysmal Horizons (2014) * Review

Fascinated in the deeper meaning within, really we feel when finding music that has a lot of flavor and nuances. Not only has the varied elements of death metal, but 'konkeror' also offer elements of tranquility, beauty and delicacy of rhythm from the music concept that really touching and stabbing some nerves in our brain. Of every riff that played on every song, really dispose of restlessness and get tranquility, because they are always experimenting with injecting the harmony of melody that really touched the soul. And through the beats and tempo that they apply in every song, ' Konkeror ' really keep a wholeness and hide the brilliance of the progressive groove series . And it is clear, that the album is titled ' The Abysmal Horizons ' was released by the label ' Lacerated Enemy Records ' some time ago, brings out many serenity that bridled by diverse elements of anger in one bond from the pride in playing death metal that is more elegant, full harmonization that is hard to be forgotten, and keep accentuating the beauty of grooves and rhythms that dampen the wrath. And for us, 'Konkeror' unites the concept of Death metal, thrash, black and melodic in a single bond that is really neat and nuanced.

The Album instantly dampens the anger when hearing the strains of acoustic tone at the beginning of the song entitled ' I, Monolithic ', and really arouses anger when they enter a beautiful melodic element with the fast beats of death metal, neat and organized, make this song as the spearhead of all disquiet and anger that is chained. 'Towers' more expresses the diversity of musical elements that they apply in this album. While the third track entitled 'Incantations' is continuation of taste from the first song that really touches a nerve through some memorable melodies and has a very high overtones. 'Konkeror' also smart , inserts a dark aura that appears on the song, not just one song, we even feel it in every song.

And it's increasingly clear which we feel for the next songs titled'Beyond the Abysmal Horizons', 'Creator / Destroyer' and 'Usurpers of the Primal Womb'. These songs are loud and aggressive, offers a diversity of playing death metal and Black Metal that are gripping and killed. 'The Pillars of Creation' is a song that is most touching with beautiful melodies in a series of melodic death that dynamic, solid and really handcuff the anger replace it with the scent of silence that peaked and obviously we got from this album. But when hearing a song called ' ...And the Eternal Flow Cosms ', they come back provide contrast nuance with brings out all the rage even kill with the appearance of the furies from the black death metal riffs, melodic, and correspondingly with their arrogance played a groove being neat and elegant.

With the presence of a cover song from ' Bolthrower ', entitled ' Cenotaph ', it is clear that this band really noticing high musicality with accentuate a more entertaining taste, although they give a touch of many elements, but we feel that the album titled ' The Abysmal Horizons ' is a testament to how the concocted of death metal that combined with many elements, it will certainly generate a lot of nuances and flavors. In addition, we are not tired of hearing the rhythm that they play, we also get the concept of the music that really rich and beautiful from the all of groove that neat and really kicked the soul and brain.

1.     I, Monolithic
2.     Towers
3.     Incantations
4.     Beyond the Abysmal Horizons
5.     Creator / Destroyer
6.     Usurpers of the Primal Womb
7.     The Pillars of Creation
8.     ...And the Cosms Flow Eternal
9.      Cenotaph (Bolt Thrower Cover)

Eric Zwicker - Guitar
Jake Plater - Guitar
Jeff Beauchamp - Vocals / Bass
Tobias Dennis - Drums

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