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MEPHISTOPHELES (INA) give a song titled ' Cerebral Palsy ' from Their upcoming debut EP

Brutal Death Metal from Indonesia 'Mephistopheles' will release debut ep entitled ' Eternal Suffering' which will be released as soon as possible this year through the label ' Waar Productions '. This Album planed contains five tracks and for that, they give a touch of wrath through a song titled ' Cerebral Palsy ' and you can hear it here. For next info, we will come to tell this wrath for you.  So keep it here.

When we hear the song that lasts about three minutes, clearly evident that they really play the brutal rhythm that harmonious and really killing saturation. Cerebral Palsy is the result of a pleasantness in creating a pure frame from brutal death metal mixed with concept that solid , dynamic by playing harmonious guitar riffs and tempo are beautiful, neat and flavorful. Moreover, the application of a deep guttural character, full of wrath and anger, really makes this song likes surrounded by the demons that came from the hole of hypocrisy that provides all disgrace, pain and the top of wrath that immortal. This song really interesting, far from boredom and sure that this album is highly recommended.

 Bands that are inspired from 'Putrid Pile' and ' Intracranial Butchery ' was formed in the year 2010 in Tanjungsari, Bandung. At that time, the band consisted of two personnel between others ' Eki (vocals) ' and ' Reza (Guitar) '.   However the vocals ' Eki ' did not last long and decided to leave the band. At the same time, drummer, 'Sofyan' joined the band in March 2013. And then also, Vocalis ' Eki ' rejoined the band and prepare material for their albums.

Eki: Vocals
Reza : Guitar
Sofyan: Drums

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