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MIASMAL - Cursed Redeemer (2014) * Review

We liked and really enjoy the ' Cursed Redeemer ' than their debut album. Many reasons why this album really entertains for us, Besides still play the authenticity of old school Swedish death metal, but in this album, we enjoy the more varied composition.   Their rhythm so simple, but very inherent in our brain, easy to understand and far from a sense of bored.  We greatly enjoy and feel every riff that they play, really made us continue to headbang and enter a stimulating atmosphere in the spirit. The sound character and tempo beats that are rough and impressed raw, for us, was a pleasure how we still get the nuances of anger as well as the purity of the style of Swedish death metal.  Especially with a combination of melodic sounds that heavy and catchy which they do in every song makes this ear constantly aroused hear the rhythm by rhythm from them, and this is unforgettable.

For us, hearing the album ' Cursed Redeemer' is a condition when we thirst for pure of Swedish Old School deathmetal rhythms, they come for the quenching our thirst with gives water that fresher and delicious. And when we look deeper from the rhythm that they play, we are imagining it like being in a desert that is very difficult to find water, with the hobbled while holding an empty bottle of whisky, finally we were accosted by four Horsemen who invites us to go from there and have a drink of whisky along with them, this is really impressive.

The fast rhythm and very unimpeded all at once entertaining with a melodic sounding heavy, open the rhythm of the first song called 'Cursed Redeemer'. Lacing of Swedish old school death metal beats sounding pretty condensed here, aggressive and really describes their whole character in portraying in the scent of outrage from every riff that they play. The second track at once become our favorite entitled ' Call of the Revenant ', because it contains a more varied composition with a combination of heavy thrash that simple, but did not come out at all from the Rule of Swedish old school death metal. They also made it on the song titled ' Whisky Train '. With the tempo that lighter or mid, this song also made us sedated with the implementation of tempos that more grooved and tidy.

If seen from the composition of the tempo that they do in the next three tracks titled ' Excelsior ', ' A Veiled Remembrance ' and ' Until the Last, it looks clear that the scent of anger and filled with a sense of emotional successfully they create.  Melody Riffs and vocal character that is crushing, really shown in these songs. And Until here, they are very intense and consistent, combining heavy thrash rhythms with the concept of pure old school Swedish deathmetal.

'Frozen Time' and '2013' are songs that have slightly different compositions with other songs.  We feel, they put doom riffs though not comprehensive, as in the song ' Frozen Time ', but for us, it is a creativity and an overview that the album was more varied than their first album.  This Album managed to create an atmosphere of anger and passion when we hear the rhythm and the tempo that they play.  Bringing the authenticity of Swedish Deathmetal with a natural blend of heavy and thrash,  and do not forget, we must say that their melodic compositions are very catchy, fused and far of boredom is the reason why we hear and enjoy this album.

Track List:
1.     Cursed Redeemer
2.     Call of the Revenant
3.     Whisky Train
4.     Excelsior    
5.     A Veiled Remembrance    
6.     Until the Last
7.     Frozen in Time
8.     2013

Björn Eriksson - Drums
Magnus Andreasson - Guitar
Pontus Redig - Guitar & vocals
Ruben Åhlander Persson - Bass

Schäferstraße 33a
Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

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