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MORBO - Addiction to Musickal Dissection (2014) * Review

Getting a lot of flavor in an album even just in a song in a series of concept of old school death metal that solid and dynamic is a thing that is rarely we heard. In addition retains the powerful vision plays beat and tempo from the old school death metal, but with the presence of many flavors are produced from every riff that they play, making the album titled ' Addiction to Musickal Dissection ' should get a slightly different place, because we heard a rough and powerful character from the concurrence plays old school death, we also feel a lot of elements and nuances resulting from the beat-rhythm that they play, we can feel the deep darkness of doom that shrouded between the strength element of the early death metal which they apply.

We can also get a touch of excitement and anger when they apply the beats that loud enough, catchy and aggressive, in addition we can also find the tranquility and stillness when hearing the rhythm of a melody that blasphemy and a balance between doom riffs and early death metal which they embrace clearly in some parts of the tempo in every song that they play. 'Morbo' give different tastes in enjoying the wholeness of early death metal, and for us to hear the rhythm by rhythm that they play on every song on this album is like being between two auras that contrast, we mention, it is blazing and dismally. It's very grounded, because we get two tastes in each song, and it's very entertaining, very varied and very characteristic.

Of course the aroma of anger appears on the first beat on the song titled ' Abominangel ', the song that really kicked our anxiety towards the concept which for us is varied by applying aggressive elements, blusterous, but still on the concept of old school death, and they changed the tempo significantly play mid tempo with dark aromas at the beginning tone on the second track titled ' Decomposmopolitan '. For us, it is very entertaining, due to these two tracks , they have given the two flavors of the rhythm that they play, it's a really entertaining and cool.

'Pagan Seducer' and 'Dawn of the Dying Living' is an evidence of balance playing doom and death are side by side. The scent of silence, instantly jerking us with the last tone in a song titled ' Dawn of the Dying Living '. it is our favorite songs from the all songs that interest that really bring the message of anger and gloom. They prove again in the song titled ''Kaleidoscopic Incubus' and 'Rending the Ephemeral Veil'. These songs more conjures the doom aroma that strong with splendid riffs that really accompany the slap of all rage that we feel.

The last two songs attest to their brands, consistency and vision in sowing the dark and quiet scent from doom riffs into the old school death that more blasphemous and sometimes very aggressive. As Sharp as the Blade of Blasphemy ' and ' Anesthesia Awareness ', for us as the last songs that suitable , Besides showing their actual character, but ' Morbo ' managed to make us understand that the concept of old school death metal is juxtaposed with the doom riffs will raise many more tastes to enjoy it, not monotonic only played the raw of old school death rhythm but it could make the rhythm of being not boring and this is what we need.

1.     Abominangel (Let Them Stink of Fear)
2.     Decomposmopolitan
3.     Pagan Seducer
4.     Dawn of the Dying Living
5.     Kaleidoscopic Incubus
6.     Rending the Ephemeral Veil
7.     As Sharp as the Blade of Blasphemy
8.     Anesthesia Awareness

Mirko - vocals
Andrea - guitars
Giorgio - guitars & bass
David - drums

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