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RELICS OF HUMANITY release teaser and give a song from their upcoming album

Coming from Belarus, Brutal Death Band ' Relics of Humanity ' will be making noise this year with their second full length album entitled ' Ominously Reigning upon the Intangible ' which will be released on 8 July 2014 through the label ' Amputated Vein Records '.   Nine Songs recorded at ' SFC studio (Moscow)' in December 2013, whereas the artwork, done by 'Dan Seagrave'. 

'Ominously Reigning upon the Intangible ' also been opened for pre-order in Digital format through their Bandcamp site which we include under this article.   'Relics Of Humanity ' will also introduce this album through touring with ' Cephalic Impurity ' in Russia/Belarus in September 2014. Make sure you are there.

In anticipation of this album, they recently gave a teaser and a song that became the title of their album that can be heard here.

The song has a duration of about four minutes is a description from the sacredness of brutal death that really vicious, threaten, frighten and punishing. Aroma of pain, and kill from their rhythm, really judging and convicting a dead of soul, not to mention the atmosphere of gripping that resulting from setting the tempo and savagery plays the slamming part, make this song difficult to untangled and actually appear from under the earth. 'Ominously Reigning Upon the Intangible' is a lord for the worshipers of brutal death metal.

Track List:
1.     Ominously Reigning upon the Intangible        
2.     Dimensions of Hatred        
3.     There Is No Salvation in Divine Eyes        
4.     Deconsecrating the Almighty        
5.     Amongst the Burning Souls        
6.     Through the Worlds of Chaos Concetration        
7.     Immortally Dethroned        
8.     Progression of Suffering        
9.     Paralyzing the Light

Line up 2014
Vladimir - Vox
Sergey - Guitrs
Pavel - Drums

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