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SPEED MERCHANTS - Blast From The Past (Ep-2013)

The first thing which we noticed when we heard the concept of speed thrash is how these songs continue to be in this brain and hard to be forgotten, And indeed, always want to be to hear it again and again, and to be sure, would like to continue to hear it over and over again. That is all we get again from Serbia, through the newly formed band last year, through the Ep entitled ' Blast From The Past '. This Album is catchy, with a simple concept, keep producing the scent of anger, but we think their music more dynamic because they brave and honest with many plays the turn of tempo, that is the interesting part of this album. Although the guitar rhythms stay on the track with plays the purity of speed and thrash riffs, but with many turns of the tempo that they did in every song, moreover it was made in the simple composition and catchy, make this album so memorable in our ears. We really liked this and no doubt very entertaining.

We think, 'Blast From The Past ' is a maturity in exploring thrash and Speed that fresher and different, but still maintaining the meaning of sacred the strains of anger.  We are so entertained and glad to hear this album, but they should make it faster in setting the tempo and keep their characters who had appeared and visible from many plays the tempo and the vocal character that honest.  It is an expectation from us before they released their first full length album that planned will release this year. We are awaiting.

A very catchy album, starting with early touches from the thrash riffs that have the mid tempo through a song called ' Eternal Damage. '. After that, we heard their pride in playing the rhythm of speed. This song plays the standard of speed thrash rhythm . And for us, this song usual course. However, after arriving in the second song entitled ' Speed Merchants ', what we mentioned at the beginning of the previous paragraph, that is by doing a lot of changing of tempo, finally sounded in this second track. ' Blast From The Past ' more kicking again, we feel the combination of Thrash and Speed are very balanced in this song. Hearing this song, makes us increasingly interested to repeat all over again and would like to continue to hear the songs on this album. Plays the rhythm of a melody that integral and memorable is our interest to hear this album.

We found many initiatives and their ideas through this album.  Although they are new, but the vision and the composition of the music that they show completely mature.  Of the rhythm that they show,  this is already bringing the aroma of pure thrash and speed.  And for us, the main thing this album very entertaining with simple riffs from them, turn the tempo that very neatly and unequivocally, make it clear, that this album is getting very fresh but still brings the classic scent.

Track List:
1.     Eternal Damage
2.     Speed Merchants
3.     Blast from the Past 

Bestial Penetrator - Lead Guitar,Vocals
Skullcrusher - Rhythm Guitar
Killer Smile - Bass Guitar
Vrag - Drums


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