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DEUS OTIOSUS - Rise (2014) * Review

For one week, we are looking for an album that really comforting, uplifting, actually make all the nuances when heard, really different and unique. We are looking for an album that is really able to poured in a writing, and finally on the fifth day of this week, we were really happy when getting an album that meets these criteria at once is really unintentionally move our hand to must to write reviews. This time we are faced with the album that must we say is one best album of the year. We do not need to discuss the matter of the music that they play at length, and we thought all the metal head will likes this album. Because besides the absolute has a catchy riff and certainly will entertain, their music consists of the essence of the framework of death metal that infiltrated by a ton of thrash riffs which memorable and have the classic beats. The Album entitled 'Rise' from ' Deus Otiosus ' does really could not make us sitting quietly, always wanted to move on, headbang, sway and is always wanting to follow the vocals for singing.

For us, the Album ' Rise ' as an injection containing energy as well as a reminder, the opening and the marker before we hear the other albums. Through this album, we were really amused, spirit and really carried a wide variety of moods to start the day. Hear the vocal character really gives the essence of anger, hear the beats of drums that make the body want to move always and sway, not to mention the rhythms of the guitar that made us smile because it is very memorable and entertaining, and really evokes the surge and expectations of all the satisfaction that we needed when hearing unique concept , replete with classic characters and are eager to hear it constantly. We are satisfied and excited to hear this album. This Album we deify as the Sun rises from the East who are ready to illuminate the Earth, like their music that deserves to start the day. We think, heard many metal albums in a day is not interesting if not prefaced with this album. It is very memorable for us. 

All songs on this album, every rhythm that played, every nuance of the generated is actually touching the satisfaction and kicking the boredom against monotonous rhythms. There is a difference, and for us it is unique. They concocted the concept of death metal is fresher without omitting the least classical framework and has a lot of thrash rhythm which leaves an impression to always be heard and keep in mind when you are finished listening to this album. ' Rising War ' is very worthy to open the album with their whole character in concoction of death metal with thrash rhythms that catchy and old school. The song is direct raise our satisfaction against the concept and beats that a little different with the general concept of death metal.

'Iron Rule' and ' Dont Fuck with The Dead ' more kicking, because it contains a balance of tone between Death Metal and Thrash Metal that played aggressively. Two songs that became our favorite of all the songs that very entertaining and interesting. We are always headbang hearing the rhythm by rhythm from them, and it's really given by them in the next two songs titled ' Breeding Maggots ' and ' Vultures '.   On the song 'Breeding Maggots', the rhythm is quick and aggressive from thrash riffs that more memorable, envelop the framework of death metal that they play. Whereas, in the song ' Vultures ', we found the emphasis on nuance of tranquility that they provide.

 'Walk Of Shadows' and 'Stand Up and Fight' is two different concepts and this proves once again that the Album entitled ' Rise ' is an album that really kicked off the boredom, not monotonous, because 'Deus Otiosus ' always makes a difference in every song, but still in focus in emphasis the rhythmic that really entertaining and we strongly agree if they are doing it. ' Walk Of Shadows ' is a classical concoction from the old school style of European and American death metal. We love to hear this song because it keeps classic riffs and beats. While the song titled ' Stand Up And Fight ' is a reflection of how Interestingly and comfort the thrash rhythms that they play, full power of classic, guitar riffs that still we remember, when we did not hear it again and of course it leave a lasting impression in our brain. It was nice to hear these two songs.

The last two tracks titled ' Will And Fear ' and ' Fall Of The West ' is the songs that full of anger and provoke. At Once the two songs that the most different from other songs. We are still getting the classic beats, these two songs have the soul rhythms in depth, By offering the concept that has really created and give various shades like tranquility, Anger and sorrow. 'Rise' is perfect album, unlike the concept of death metal in General, and the main thing is the all rhythm which they play really leave a lasting impression in our brain and very memorable.

Track List:
1. Rising War
2. Iron Rule
3. Don't Fuck With The Dead
4. Breeding Maggots
5. Vultures
6. Walk The Shadows
7. Stand Up And Fight
8. Will And Fear
9. Fall Of The West

Jesper Holst (bass)
Jesper Olsen (drums)
Peter Engkjær (guitars)
Anders Bo Rasmussen (vocals)
Henrik Engkjær (guitars)

 P.O. Box 104
North Quincy, Massachusetts 02171-0002
United States

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