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EVILHEART Release the Official Video titled ' Selective Extermination ' From Their Upcoming Third Full Length Album ' Quinquaginta '

Blackened Death from Mexico ' Evilheart ' recently released an official video taken from the third song titled ' Selective Extermination ' of their third full length album which will be released. The Album entitled 'Quinquaginta' planned contains nine songs and this moment they were preparing it and was looking for a label to release and distribute this new album.

'Quinquaginta' produced by Brian Elliott, Salvador Gallegos & Evilheart. For Mixed, mastered and Drums Recorded was done in Mana Studios with Brian Elliott, while for recorded the guitar, bass and vocals by Salvador Gallegos in Lemon City Studios. For art, done by Niklas Sundin (Cabin Fever Media).

Hear the song ' Selective Extermination ' includes a sample album, which also published recently, like sitting on a magnificent throne, speechless and riveted attention to any kind of hypocrisy and massacre in this world. For us, ' Quinquaginta ' is really sounding the threnody of soul that chained from the abominations of hypocrisy. The combination of firmness, eloquence and cruel riffs from American and European brutal death style really appropriate and fused with the scent of an abominable act that emerged from the purity of the blackened death. This Album has a heavy guitar riff and dynamic so that it brings out a lot of the feel of the anger when hearing it. This Album is very comforting when we heard a few beat of the drums and catchy in terms of setting the tempo, make ' Quinquaginta ' is an album that meets the aspect of satisfaction and feel anger is high at once entertaining, so We are really waiting and respect for full.

Evilheart was formed in 1999 by Rodolfo Rogers (Drums), Raúl Borrego (Guitar), Alex Fernández (Guitar), Luis Valencia (Keyboards), César Bañuelos (Vocals) and Jorge Torres (Bass). In the summer of 2000 the band recorded the demo "Summoned To War," which was released until July 13 of 2001. After some lineup changes, Evilheart entered the studio in August of 2003 to record their debut album "Dark In Glory." The lineup was: César Bañuelos (Vocals), Ricardo Salazar (Guitar), Sergio Aréchiga (Bass) and Rodolfo Rogers (Drums). "Dark In Glory" was released in May 3 of 2004. 2004 and 2005 were very succesful years for Evilheart in which they got to share the stage with international acts like Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, and a successful appearance at Monterrey Metal Fest, as well as Mexican bands like Hacavitz, Sarcoma, Black Torment among others. During this period Evilheart also got a new lineup: Jorge Millán (Vocals), Adrián Urías (Guitar), Luis Gastélum (Guitar), Sergio Aréchiga (Bass) and Rodolfo Rogers (Drums).

In 2006 Evilheart focused mainly in songwriting for a new album, however the band got some high profile shows with Disgorge, Asesino, Cellador, Behemoth, and Sothis. In 2007 Evilheart started the pre production for their new album "Storm Of Annihilation." During pre production Evilheart parted ways with Sergio and drafted session bass player Salvador Gallegos. The recording of the album began at the end of June, and ended in September. Then all the tracks were sent to Mana Studios (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Vital Remains...) and they were mixed and mastered by Brian Elliott. The cover of the album was designed by Niklas Sundin at Cabin Fever Media (Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy...). "Storm Of Annihilation" was released on December 14. Expect 8 tracks of relentless & aggressive Blackened Death Metal... Post apocalyptic armageddon... Annihilation will never end!!!

Track List:
1.  Perfection Collapse
2.  Misanthropic Decree
3.  Selective Extermination
4.  Rebellion
5.  Decimated Opposition
6.  Supremacy and Holocaust
7.  Postmortal Corruption
8.  Genetics of Betrayal
9.  Quinquaginta

Rodolfo Rogers : Drums
Adrian Urias :Guitars
Jorge Millan :Vocals, Bass

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