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GORY BLISTER - The Fifth Fury (2014)

Before hearing the fifth album titled ' The Fifth Fury' newly released last may, the question arises in our minds, whether this album will come back showing the composition of the vulgar technical like their album entitled ' Earth-Sick ', but when we hear the early tone in the first song entitled 'Psycho Crave', the concept of their music a little more subtle and dynamic. This is slightly different from previous albums that really showcases the full technical concept which solid and clear. On the album, entitled ' The Fifth Fury', we feel a mature and wonderful concoctions from a mix of progressive, melodic and technical. The composition of techniques that they play lighter with offers the beauty of the progressive and more impressive melodic riffs, more fused with a neat tempo. For us, the Album was more satisfying than the album 'Earth-Sick ', because many keeps the cold aura when heard the concept and melodic riffs who really controlled all tempos that they play. If talking the harmonization of music, this album is more dynamic, rich and mature, because we feel, they actually embrace all, the concept of music as Progressive Death Metal, Melodic death metal, and technical death metal is dense and really coalesce. There is no some absolute riff sections give the nuance of full techniques like the previous album ,everything is divided into one concept that merges, varied and truly create shades of anger, moodiness and coolness.

The Fifth Fury ' is a harmony which is taken from the vomit of various beauty through progressive, melodic and technical rhythms are fused into a single unity that captivates our brain for imagining something about the anger, coolness, maturity of the conscience and the darkness. 'Psycho Crave' and 'Threshold' have proven that, with a myriad melodic riff that really brings the mind to continue always to dig their music more depth. And it was again followed by aggressive touches at the beginning of the tone in a song called ' Toxamine ' which is more included melodic and the most varied tempos.

While the presence of a song called ' Devouring Me ', more stimulating our minds, and have a different tempo variation compared to three previous songs. This song really creates the shades of anger, and moodiness are more profound. Not up here, 'Gory Blister' clearer again gave it on the song ' The Fifth Fury' . The two songs that become our favorite songs in this fifth album.

Want to hear the music concept such album ' Eath-Sick ', we heard it in the songs titled ' Prometheus Scars' and '(Meet Me) In The Mass Grave', two songs are absolutely accentuated the tempo beats and technical composition, but made more dynamic and intense. By placing the two character vocal like Growl and scream on a consistent basis, and not forgetting to insert a classy melodic rhythm, making this album is more dynamic and more elegant.

'The Grey Machinery ' is the last full song that they provide on this album, and really gives the luxury of playing technical and progressive that neat, beautiful and isolated on a melodic riffs which blend and really bring the various scents when hearing this song. The Album ends with a touch of the orchestra with an instrumental which became a bonus song is titled ' Heretic Infected Orchestra ', and as if create the end of darkness that they show with the songs in this album, really impressive, especially the maturity and ripeness in creates concepts or a rhythm that really comes from the soul and for the souls.

Track List:
1.     Psycho Crave
2.     Thresholds
3.     Toxamine
4.     Devouring Me
5.     The Fifth Fury
6.     Prometheus Scars    
7.     (Meet Me) In the Mass Grave    
8.     The Grey Machinery
9.     Heretic Infected Orchestra

Line up 2014
Raff - Guitars
Joe - Drums
Paolo "John St. John" - Vocals
Christian - Bass

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Elkhart, Indiana 46515
United States
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