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We've written several questions in an interview with Besegra recently, about preparations for their new album. Currently, they are working on two albums. Full Length album and Ep. In addition to still apply technical/melodic thrash, the new album will be refreshed by the addition of new elements that are sure to stimulate your ears with a blend of progressive metal with a bit of technical death, this is definitely awaited by the enthusiast of varying music . 

Check out our interview with Besegra 

 1. It's not perfect, if this interview did not begin with the history of the formation of Besegra, please explain briefly and detail about the formation of this band?

The band started in 2009 before I (Max Warwick) had joined. It was a very different line-up, consisting of ex-drummer Andrew Aitchison, ex-bassist Andy Dmytryshyn, and present/founding guitarist Zach Rouse. Andy had me come to a band practice, where they were jamming "Asylum", and as they had no vocalist naturally I joined. We played our first show about a month later, where Trevor met Andy and proceeded to join the band as the second guitarist. Since then, Andrew left and was replaced by Brennan Ferrar, and Andy left being replaced by Cory Hauley.

2. We have heard your album before, titled ' Infortunium (Ep) ', and for us that is perfect album that has all the impressive rhythms and highly entertaining. If we may know, What is the most influential band that affect your music?

That's a tough question due to the many influences from each of us. Everything from old thrash (Exodus, Megadeth, Metallica, Testament) to more melodic death metal bands (Quo Vadis, Death, Opeth)... We try to make a very diverse sound, so there are many influences involved.

3. The Album ' Infortunium ' is a debut that manages to suck up the attention of the media and a lot of metalhead, whether it has reached the target and your expectations?

I'm very pleased with how it's been received by both media and fans. It's always interesting to see others' first reaction of something you're painfully familiar with. For us, at this point, we're looking back at it now as stepping stone to get to where we want to be. We all know we can do even better and look forward to doing so with our new material. But even as it is people have enjoyed the album and that is great!
4. We heard you were preparing a new album, try to explain, Had reached steps where the workmanship of this album? and please tell us when will this new album be completed?

Technically, we're working on two albums at the moment. We began writing a full-length concept album that is very progressive in style. But we had all of these other really heavy thrash songs that were left over after picking out what we were using for this full length. So now we're working on putting those together into an EP. At this point we're finishing writing and moving onto pre-production before deciding where we'll record (after our tour this year).

5. In the album ' Infortunium ', we hear a lot of thrash riffs, Melodic and Technical, Whether this concept will you keep in the new album?

This is definitely something that is still prevalent in our new material. There are some new elements, and bettered blended elements... But definitely the technical/melodic thrash elements are still there. I believe the new side you'll see that builds onto that is just a bit more of technical death metal and progressive metal elements. So far it's a pretty bad ass combination.

6. If we are talking about lyrics, What most theme that you speak about the new album later? Is there a significant difference with the previous album?

There's a pretty big difference in what I'm writing about lyrically from album to album. Infortunium has scattered ideas, Division being politically oriented, Master of Attrition being more personally based, The Beast Submits being based off of views of morality/spirituality. The concept album we're working on is a long narrative tale about a man leaving a corrupted paradise to to a harsh outside world leading down even darker paths... A blurred line between what is right and wrong, and in the end everyone dies.

There's also the EP that we're working on that has more of the personally based lyrical content as seen a bit in Infortunium. It will be more focused and flowing through thoughts, however.

7. Roughly how many songs that you set up in the new album later? And how about your plan released this album, whether distributed via label or self release ?

The concept album is roughly 12-13 songs, the EP is 6. So all together we have nearly 20 songs we're finishing writing, then moving on to record/release. We have hopeful intentions of releasing the EP independently, touring for that independently and attracting interest in label support to help us over the hump of recording the LP and touring outside of Canada.

8. You guys have been doing a lot of shows omnipresent in promoting ' Infortunium '. Whether the new album later, Is there a country that most of you go to promote the new album later?

The upcoming EP, currently without a name, will be toured through Canada still. We hope to also move through the US when we can. However once both of the albums we're working on have been put out the full intention is to explore the European market and tour out that way.

9. Our readers should know, whether in the near future, you will be doing the show? Explain to us where it is?

Our current tour dates have us playing from Western Ontario to Quebec in Canada. We have a show coming up in London, ON in July with a great band from Gatineau, QC called Insurrection ( After that we have tour dates from August 15 - September 12 all located between Windsor, ON and Montreal, QC.

Zach Rouse - Guitars
Max Warwick - Vocals
Cory Hauley - Bass
Trevor Gehl - Guitars
Brennan Ferrar - Drums

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