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We are very pleased and feel excited because we could ask some important things about the fifth full length album from the band that was already 20 years old and trying to continue to explore music , firmly implement the essence of the grind entitled ' Pessimist ' of Abaddon Incarnate.

We did a little interview with ' Steve Maher (Guitar, vocals) ' about their new album ' Pessimist ' which will be released by CandleLight Records on 23 June 2014

See The Interview here.

1.  We know the history of your band , but it feels incomplete if our readers do not know it, therefore, please tell a little about the birth of ' Abaddon Incarnate ' in detail?

We ( me bill and rob ) played in a band called Bereaved here in Dublin back in the early 90s, we did two demos and played some covers like unleashed, massacre and sepultura. around 93/94 We got a new drummer and decided to play faster stuff like old morbid angel, deicide, brutal truth, cryptopsy so we changed the name to "abaddon incarnate" Our first gigs were two MTV battle of the bands playing with a bunch of indie bullshit bands so we came second out of 50 bands which was cool. After that we did the when the demons come demo and started playing underground gigs.

2.  We have heard your previous album titled ' Cascade ', and for us, that the album has a skeleton of Death Grind that heavy and fast.   Is this the same, as to the album ' Pessimist ?' 

Yeah but the production is much better this time. The last CD was way over produced, this one slays in comparison, much simpler/ raw

3.  If we are talking about lyrics, What the most theme that you write on the album 'Pessimist' ? Is there a difference with the previous album? 

On cascade, I've only written about the occult, this time its about emotions, isolation,  sadness, loneliness, alienation. In a morbid context. I wanted doom lyrics on a grind album. I figured it was more realistic. There is still some occult songs, eg "Warping the necrospawn" but 90% of it is real life misery.  The occult no longer seems as tangible or interesting to me anymore and I wanted emotional music rather than regurgitating from some spooky old book.

4.  'Pessimist' contains 14 songs, less compared to the album 'Cascade'.   Is 'Pessimist' more emphasis on the quality of the music that varied and long duration?

I think some of the riffs are longer so the songs become longer, simple. The songs on cascade are quality, just the production messes it up.

5.  Twenty years are not a short time in concocted the music, and you have experienced metamorphosis in music from the Black/Death in the beginning, and now plays Grindcore, What exactly is the main reason that made you change the concept of music into Grindcore? 

We always liked grindcore, first extreme record i bought was napalm death "from enslavement.." the reason we changed into abaddon incarnate in the first place was to play grindcore parts. We like to play this music, its fun. On "the last supper" we didn't really know who we were yet, we went to Sweden for the second album "nadir" and met some cool people and realized there is a better path out there than the cryptopsy/ impaled nazerene worship on "the last supper" and began to enthusiastically embrace grindcore as opposed to the death metal thing, but i guess we sit in the middle somewhere, as Bill is a huge immolation fan, and i listen to immolation, incantation, nile, latter day carcass too as well as the old Grindcore stuff.

6.  We have yet to hear this new album in full, , but for us, your album ' Nadir ' is a great album and our favorite, the question is, does this new album could offset the fame ' Nadir '?

HAHA I don't know. time will tell, I am biased as I am in the band, I'm going to say it slays, but its up to the listener, its heavy and intense so hopefully that will be OK for you

7.  In terms of the making of the album, what different things from this album compared to previous albums?

We blasted this one out in 2 days and then went back a extra day and fixed some vocals. all other albums took 2 weeks to record, I guess we were so pissed off with the sound on cascade we wanted to do the exact opposite this time, no computers, overdubbing, retakes, anything, just play and record

8.  What is a continuation of this album, Are you going to do the tour, trying to explain in detail, Where you will be doing shows soon?

First shows are in Ireland, album release in July, gigs with squash bowels in October and siege of limerick festival, also candle fest in London, when the album is properly released we will find some tours, we have offers to return to Russia and south america but USA and Europe is priority. Also this year Bill gets married to "Rosie", our long term of 10 years merchandise girl, so he has a big wedding and a honeymoon so that takes much time. But as regards tours, they will happen, we will play and we will slay!! 

'Pessimist' Track List
1.     Pessimist
2.     Aborted Genesis
3.     Yester Hara
4.     Warping the Necro Spawn
5.     Broken Spectre
6.     Fear
7.     Impaled Upon Your Zodiac
8.     Prison of Introspection
9.     Nameless Grave
10.     Morbid Epiphany
11.     Solstice of Homicide
12.     Undead Outcasts
13.     Funeral Hag
14.     Summoning Famine-Inherit an Empty World

 Steve Maher - Vocals, Guitar
Bill Whelan - Vocals, Guitar
Steve Finnerty - Vocals, Bass
Johnny King - Drums

Interview succesful done on the 11st June, 2014, at 22.46
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