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KEITZER reveals a song entitled ' Forever War ' taken from their fifth full length album that will be released on July later.

FDA Rekotz brings the good news about 'Keitzer ' that ready to release their fifth full length album titled ' The Last Defence ' on 18 July 2014, and the label has opened pre-sale through their web site right now. In detail, the album will be released in CD, LP and Digital version. For LP, the album will be released by 7degrees Records on August 15, 2014. For more details you can visit the official site which we attach under this article.

'The Last Defence' was recorded, mixed and mastered at Soundlodge Studio by Jörg Uken. Cover artwork by Florian Furtkamp. A song that recently published entitled ' Forever War ' can be heard here.

We've heard their previous album titled ' Descend Into Heresy ', and we think then, 'Keitzer' more explore many power boom from the speed of the rhythm of the grind and death metal, but when hearing a song that recently they publish titled ' Forever War ' taken from their forthcoming album, this is a surprise and momentum that ' Keitzer ' more steeped in the deathgrind concept for more blaspheme, more diverse and dense, creating a variety of scent of anger and blasphemy, especially when we heard the character of vocals, guitars and beats of drum that are inter-related, it is very provocative and merges in any tone that they apply, prove that they are currently more mature plays the concept of deathgrind with many yielding more varied rhythms, more complete than when we heard the previous album and for us is that ' Keitzer ' come again with the new fire , brings the anger that more burn and scorch the aroma of impurity. Not enough just to hear one song, this song is a recipient and an inducement to hear the next song on their new album later, and this is really we are waiting.

Track List:
01 - Bellum Indicere
02 - Exist To Destroy
03 - This Is The Only Solution
04 - Forever War
05 - Marching Forward To Victory
06 - The Last Defence
07 - Next Offensive
08 - We Are The Serpents Of Doom
09 - Fleshcrawl
10 - Todgeweiht
11 - Glorious Dead
12 - Ausgelöscht
13 - Crusade
14 - ... Before Annihilation

 Cristian silva chaco-vocals
Nicolai hinse-guitar
Michael dölle-guitar
Simon venig-bass
Tim terhechte-drums

pre-sale link LP:
pre-sale link LP :
pre-sale link LP :

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