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NIDSANG give a song titled ' Eschatonic Catharsis ' from their upcoming album

Black Metal band from Sundsvall, Sweden ' Nidsang ' really want to propagate the darkness that dense from the essence of brutality and madness that will anesthetize your soul through their second full length album entitled ' Into The Womb Of Dissolving Flames ' that planned will be released by the label ' Pulverised Records ' this year.

The Album that contains seven songs is also signified ten years for them that have been constructing the concept of black metal norms that full of madness and pain. And to uncover a sense of darkness on the upcoming album, they give you a song taken from the sixth song entitled ' Eschatonic Catharsis' and you can hear it here. The cover artwork for “Into The Womb Of Dissolving Flames” was designed and depicted by Petter Leijon.

Eschatonic Catharsis is a momentum of the darkness that starts from a quiet flow by playing the shadow of death from black hum, make the soul stunned and silent because it really keeps the embraces of the grief at the beginning of the tone. And this is increasingly poignant when they start to inject the poison contained in the brutal rhythms that embrace the soul and unpack the anger to always staring the wrath. 

In an official statement by the band: ''Restless it lie in the filth of creation. Years of silence have not been in vain. At last, the restless hunger spawned seven songs of madness - "Into the Womb of Dissolving Flames”. It is our greatest achievement up to this point, uncompromising and sincere. The signing with Pulverised is a step in the right direction.”

Pulverised Records A&R manager Calvin Chiang also commented: “Without any doubt, the new NIDSANG record is one of the most crushing Black Metal album we have heard recently, but by putting them into the Black Metal category does sounds somewhat pigeonholed. “Into The Womb Of Dissolving Flames” contains all the essence of transcendent songwriting and with just the right dosage of dissonant brutality, the new album is probably NIDSANG’s most accomplished and diverse album to date and never for a moment compromising on what truly is NIDSANG’s undeniable trademark sound.”

Track List:
1. Black Void Revelations
2. The Gathering Shadows
3. The Burning Beyond
4.  Layil
5. Veneration Of The Fiery Blood
6. Eschatonic Catharsis
7. Abysmal Origins

Blodshird     :Bass, Guitars
Korpr : Drums
Amducious: Guitars, Vocals

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