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APHYXION release the official video titled ' The New Breed ' of the debut album which will be released this coming september

We bring news from Denmark that the young guns who had a good musical vision named Aphyxion 'was officially released their debut album, which is titled ' Earth Entangled ' on 1st September 2014 coming through the label ' Mighty Music ' , and has opened the pre-order on and

The Album entitled 'Earth Entangled', consisting of ten songs produced by Jacob Hansen, Jonas Haagensen  and recorded at 'Hansen Studios '.   For the Cover Album, was made by Niclas Sundin from 'Dark Tranquillity' at 'Cabin Fever Media'.   To welcome this album, recently they released a music video titled ' The New Breed ' ,the ninth song from their debut album which can be seen here.

We are starting to get familiar with their music since they released an EP entitled ' Conquering Darkness ' and we assume the music that they make is so entertaining, creating different shades, and features a mix of Death metal, Thrash Metal, and sometimes we hear some touches of melodic death and black that infiltrating some rhythms that they make, and for us that is so perfect they did , by applying tempo that comfortable to listen and enjoy. 

A song at once as the official video which published recently, titled ' The New Breed ' is a testament to the consistency of their music that successful pouring the various nuances or taste in savor a varied music concept that many contain skeletons of thrash and death metal are balanced, inter-related, simple yet very catchy and entertaining.  When hearing this song repeatedly, finally we are satisfied because can get the rhythms that really keeps the in-depth character, create different shades such as anger, contemplation of the soul and rebellion the conscience.

For us, a song called ' The New Breed ' is an invitation to unbolt the various of pain that whipping the soul become a lucidity in interpret a reality.  And we believe that the album entitled 'Earth Entangled' came not only as a performer, but as a conception in interpret the complete musical scent and filled with a variety of flavors and nuances without forgetting the consistency to expression.

We quote a bit of their biography : 'Since the band was formed in 2007, Aphyxion has been going through a major development both musically and mentally. The young boys have gathered a rather good reputation by their appearances on prestigious festivals as Wacken Open Air and Copenhell, massive touring in Europe and shows played alongside well established bands both inside and outside of Denmark.'

Track List:
1. Transgress
2. In Decline
3. The Deterioration
4. No More Days of Prime
5. Despicable
6. Born Abomination
7. Awoken
8. Blind Belief
9. The New Breed
10. Pointless Purpose.

Line Up 2014
Jakob Jensen:    Drums
Michael Vahl :Vocals
Jais Jessen : Bass
Jonas Haagensen : Guitars (lead)
Bertil Rytter : Guitars (rhythm), Vocals (backing)
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