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CAEDERE reveals a song titled ' Union of Substitutes ' from their third full-length album coming October later.

Finally, the latest news coming from 'Caedere' on their third full length album entitled ' The Lost Conveyance ' that ready released by the label ' Sevared Records ' on October 4th, 2014.   The Album contains nine songs that have catchy rhythms and varied tempos was recorded by June 2013, with the art design of Noisecraft.  And This time, the metalhead obliged welcomes this album, because it came not only gives the bang of death metal that have varied tempos, a combination of brutal death and Old school death that produces a lot of nuances such as anger, pain and darkness. But the main things, this album can provides the high level of comfort in the ear, especially, in neat beats, catchy rhythms and really entertaining even though it consists of many tempo.

Previously, they have released a teaser, and this time they give a higher curiosity about how scrumptious this album through a song taken from the 3rd track titled ' Union of Substitutes ' which can to be heard here.   For us, a song entitled ' Union of Substitutes ' is a passion enjoyed a concept of death metal with a lot of tempo and rhythm that varies as well as producing many shades just in a song and it's obviously more interesting our interest to hear this album in full, and we are ready to greet and wait for this. 

'Union of Substitutes' like a complete package which contains all the anger, all the pain and all the contemplation, that swathed in a high musicality situation where the package of the riffs that they create, have the desire and the temptation to dig into the convenience of a fixed essence to enjoy the song that really stimulates the ears to have to repeat it several times.

Track List:
1. Corruption
2. Against Better Judgement
3. Union of Substitutes
4. Uncivilized Order
5. Facing Reality
6. Fury Unleashed
7. Better be Deceased
8. Conveyance Lost
9. Subject to None

Michiel Lankhorst :Vocals
Niels Ottink : Guitar, Vocals
Jarno Olinga: Drums
Herbert Cats : Bass
Thomas Luijken : Guitar
 Rochester, New York 14612
United States
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