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DAM - Phantasmagoria (Ep 2014) * Review

Their music is too expensive for us since it contains a myriad wonderful packaging melody that really took us into a high musicality situation with a panorama of brilliant melodic experiments by successfully producing music that really touched the soul, kicking the boredom and lapsed in the scent of amazement in enjoying the sanctity of melodic death metal.   This Album always, we hear over and over again and would like to find their inequity concocted the concept of melodic death metal, but we never found, because their music was perfect, neat, very unified and interrelated between rhythm and tempo, building all the nuances such as anger, sadness and contemplation of the soul, as well as we thought it was the full package to enjoy the rhythm of the soul from the concept of melodic death because we get an eternal aroma of Power metal, Epic, Symphonic, Progressive, thrash, black and Melodic. We are satisfied because getting it all, even just in one song only, and their music is awesome because every rhythm and riff that they play touched our soul and mind, and actually evoke various imaginations. The Album entitled ' Phantasmagoria ' for us, as the most beautiful victory of the pangs of moral, ' Phantasmagoria ' comes as the strength of the soul when the fatigue of life began to spread in all directions with a melodic injection as encouragement of live.  The composition of music that really came up with a sturdy and solid from the honesty of mind as well as the classic touches that they make, getting toward the perfection of enjoying and understanding the essence of melodic death metal.  This is really awesome. 

Every rhythm that they play really deep in our mind, and tempting us to hear it over and over again. The Album opens with the song that is most interesting and keep strong imagination entitled ' Banished From Paradise '. The Solid guitar tones and unified with synths resulting this song is very memorable because many have the classical touch. Catchy and very entertaining, certainly got into this song. Complete with a mix of Epic, Symphonic and Progressive. The song is more infectious and memorable to the second track that is more dynamic and increasingly catchy titled ' Fear (the Lunar Body). This is our favorite song on the album.   We discovered the true essence of the melodic Death Metal which cool just in this song.

'Phantasmagoria ' and ' Lord of Dreams ' are the two songs that back stab the soul by blending many flavors such as anger, sadness and contemplation. We were amazed to hear these two songs . What they do with these two songs are very deserving to be the most memorable songs in our ears, when you hear the next song titled ' Empty Silence ', the density of the flavor of the epic melodic death really strong in this song. Heard this song as dressing the armor to be ready to fight our enemies. This song is tempting us to imagine. And the perfection of their Melodic rhythm closed with the song 'End Of Light '. This song deserves as a cover album, because besides memorable, it was also really brought a different aroma than the previous songs, this song is darker , because it has a strong aroma of black compared to the previous song.

'Phantasmagoria' was perfect for us, besides featuring the memorable riffs, touch of classical tempo and honesty of mind in blending many melodic music concepts in an album is the important thing for us to be able to feel the true of various melodic death metal's aroma that they make, Sometimes we thought, this band should have a complete personnel, should really get a label that stills maintain their musical honesty and one thing important to us is their music should be heard by all fans of melodic death metal because we believe that with this, in the Future, the band could produce the brilliant rhythms again.

Track List:
1.     Banished from Paradise
2.     Fear (Lunar Body)    
3.     Phantasmagoria
4.     Lord of Dreams
5.     Empty Silence (Solar Body)
6.     End of Light

Guilherme de Alvarenga: Vocals and Synths
Edu Megale: Guitars
Caio Campos: Bass

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