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ECOCIDE - Eye Of Wicked Sight (Reissue 2014) * Review

To be honest, we just knew this band when heard that their album ' Eye Of Wicked Sight ' was re-released by the label ' Disharmonic Records ' after previously, they released this album in last year.   But when heard the opening tone in a song titled ' Planet Eater ', after an intro titled ' Multiverse ', instantly making us entranced and feel silent, and we directly take the earphone to hear the album in full and forget about all the activities at that time.   Yes, their catchy rhythms and actually holding strong against the old death metal concentrations that make us happy and we totally missed the concept of music like this.  They like to kill the trend of civilization and development of metal rhythm now, dutifully and walk straight, espousing the concept of old school death metal with beautifying it, through the touch of a few rhythms of thrash that comfortably and reminiscing in our brains and ears.   For us, their debut album entitled ' Eye Of Wicked Sight ' is an obligation to enjoy and hear the roots of old death metal that truly memorable and definitely sorely missed its presence. Hear their music on this album as it traverses an emotional bridge that really applied honestly , directional and really touched the heart, like forgetting a desire to change a density and principle of towards the purity of emotion. 

Ecocide have the memorable riffs that made us stay awake with the rhythm that they play. Besides the song ' Planet Eater ', they still have the packaging that readies to stimulate our ears with classic touches that they provide. 'Alien Intervetion' and 'Eye of Wicked Sight' is the two most dynamic and grooved songs that we hear.   Our two favorite songs on this album of all the songs that are very effective in our brain. Not up there, they continue consistent to deliver catchy rhythms and touches the soul through song called ' Unknown Disease '. This song is really bombard the emotional with gives the feel of very high indignation.

'Terror From Beyond ' comes when we want to hear again the old death metal concept that really absolute of them. They gave it with the fullness of meaning which depth in that song. And automatic, in addition, we continued to headbang, we continue to repeat this song several times. The last two tracks titled ' Crawling From The Crypt ' and ' Beneath The Flesh ' is getting slapped our ears against the beauty of emotional rhythm that they provide.   They have a balance of tempo and rhythm between death metal and Thrash in this song and slightly different in earlier songs.  However, it is not reducing the integrity of their music, but expands the enjoyment of music that we deem, this is 100% catchy.

We smile and very satisfied heard this album, and we hear that the band will release second full length in this year through the label ' Dan's Crypt Records '. Actually we wait, because this is a glory for us to keep and hugging the sanctity of death metal that actually have memorable riffs and very honest.

Track List:
1.     Multiverse /  instrumental
2.     Planet Eater
3.     Alien Intervention     
4.     Eye of Wicked Sight
5.     Unkown Disease
6.     Terror From Beyond
7.     Crawling from the Crypt
8.     Beneath the Flesh

Rick "The Slapper" :Bass, Vocals (backing)
Bas "Ducaz" : Drums, Cowbell
Sten "Goof" :  Guitars, Vocals

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