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IN TORMENT reveals a video from their upcoming third album

Seventeen years on the stage of extreme metal and have released two full length album titled ' Diabolical Mutilation of Tormented Souls (2006) ' and ' Paradoxical Visions of Emptiness (2011) ', two EP's titled ' The Realms of Perception ' and last year release called 'The Flesh Gateway'. This year, they are back, bringing anger through the third full length album titled ' Sphere of Metaphysical Incarnations ' which will be released by the label ' Rapture Records' and 'Eternal Hatred Records'.

Nine Songs are produced in Hurricane Studios, Porto Alegre, along with ' Sebastian Carsin '.  For Mixing and Mastering was done by the most experienced ' Zach Ohren ' and sound engineering at 'Castle Ultimate Productions'.   For the cover art was done by 'Rafael Giovanoli', Color by 'Bruno Fogaça' and Concept by 'Alex Zuchi'.

A Video of the song titled 'The Unnatural Conception ' has recently been published and you can see here.

We assume that the song titled 'The Unnatural Conception ' is the result of harmony brutal and technical riffs that more balanced and dynamic, let alone they play it neater, more varied with accentuates the groove scheme that solid and intense.   For us, this song shows a maturity and discretion set the rhythms become more entertaining and catchy in the appeal of their previous album.

'The Unnatural Conception' is a savageness in combining the wrath between brutal and technical riffs that more puncturing the chest without eliminating aspects of entertaining because it consists of harmony sounds and dynamic guitar rhythms that captivated the brain from groove rhythms that seduce the head to headbang. And we believe that their upcoming third full length album titled ' Sphere of Metaphysical Incarnations ' is a must and obligation for the metalhead to enjoy the concept of extreme music that is more entertaining, and we believe it should be the first choice.

''TORMENT was created in the first semester of 1997 with the intention of making extreme and technical music, headed towards death metal’s aggressiveness.   In 1998, TORMENT records the demo-tape entitled “HYPNOTIZED BY THE PROFANE FLAMES”, featuring 5 songs dressed in brutality and great rhythmical variation, with psychological and grotesque lyrics, dealing with the ramifications of the unknown in phantasmagorical and surreal themes. 

After widely spreading this material and having the chance to play in other states, the band gains a large interaction inside the local underground scene. Subsequently to a hiatus in the productive process, due to line up instability and the difficulty to find other people that could give sequence to the work in a satisfactory way, the band had to cease its activities temporarily.   Months later, with a brand new line up, once more able to carry the flag of Death Metal, the group decides to return to practice, counting on a name change, being now called IN TORMENT, due to the existence of similar groups. This action based on the attempt to make it impossible to relate their epithet to those of other bands. ''(From Their Biography)

Track List:
01. The Unnatural Conception
02. Divine Universal Awareness
03. Into Abyssal Landscapes
04. The threshold (Transcending the Matter)
05. Sphere of Metaphysical Incarnations
06. Far Beyond Mortality
07. Mechanisms of Domination
08. The Extinction Process
09. Beholding the Everlasting

Alexandre Graessler - Guitars
Alex Zuchi - Vocals
Rafael Giovanoli - Guitars
Bruno Fogaça - Bass
Dio - Drums

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