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KEITZER - The Last Defence (2014) * Review

Imagine when the concept of death grind disclosed dynamically and harmonious, generate the expression, not just anger alone, but it could get cruel elements although not thoroughly.  Not only combines death metal and grindcore with fast beats, but it can cause an intact reflection to enjoying death metal that more neat , grooved and blasphemous thoroughly with tempo and rhythm that more varied, more produce many flavors from all the rage when hearing a song.  And that, we found on the album titled ' The Last Defence ' of a band that we really admit their innovations in each album named ' Keitzer '.   Of the four albums those who we have, this new album contains more in-depth frameworks of death grind made with attractive, grooved, dynamic, intense and not monotonous, many variations of tempo, every rhythm that they play more harmonious than the previous album.

For us, ' The Last Defence ' is a firmness expression of the anger elements which culminated which ready heats the chest to provoke always every rhythm of grindcore and death metal is becoming more diverse, neat and in tune. And the main thing , this album really spewing all the screams of agony from the fact of death grind that actually we expected all along. Really focus on balance the rhythm of Death metal and Grindcore.

A harmonious rhythm of the versatility of the concept of death grind which they made, already we have found in the beginning of the album titled ' Bellum Indicere '. Compositions that fused and dynamic really started this album and of course, our ears become curious to hear the next song.  The rhythm is more blasphemous and really bring the concept of true death grind that solid , finally we found in the next songs titled ' Exist To Destroy ' and ' This Is The Only Solution'.   We feel these two songs, really have a rhythm that merges between Death metal and Grindcore, not to mention the catchy riffs that they make in these two songs, make us intend to repeat these two songs continuously. Not only that, they create more dynamic and varied, when the acoustic rhythms start the early tone on the track entitles 'Forever and War'. This song is full of expression of anger if heard drum beats, tempo and vocal character , and we chose, that ' Forever War ' is a song that represents and literally prove their musical change compared to previous albums. We were really impressed.

Of ' Forever War ', the more clearly we can feel that ' The last defence ' has a more catchy concept, firm and not boring.  This is evident, when listening to the same concept on songs entitled ' Marching Forward To Victory ', ' The Last Defence ' and ' Next Offensive '.  When ' We Are the Serpents of Doom ' and 'Fleshcrawl' rang, we are increasingly convinced that they actually changed the concept of death grind that more represents into a more grooved death metal that fresher diverse, and so different from the concept of death grind's band in general. Of course, these two tracks continue to make us dig the next song on the album. This is truly sated and selecting these two songs as Favorites.

By representing the rules of death grind that has a short duration of a song, does not cause their music on this album is simple and monotonous, but we could feel a lot of rhythm and tempo that they create in a song, and that of course is our needs as a listener. Songs titled 'Todgeweiht', 'Glorious Dead', and 'Ausgelöscht' are clearly proving it. ' Crusade ' and '...Before Annihilation', more blasphemous because in two songs, we managed to get the nuances of anger that really peaked to arouse hear this album all over again. These songs managed to make us to expression and imagination like being in the middle of the battle, with angry face, grasping an axe for unsheathe to the heads of our enemies. It actually managed to spew any expression of anger that we need if heard the concept of death grind like this. Successful and memorable.

 'The Last Defence ' come not just as an album, but it comes as a surge of expression, especially anger, that really makes us sedated between the poignancy of seduction and blasphemy that always grasping all the overflow of emotions. And we could get and feel in every song on this album. Perfect and should hear it repeatedly.

Track List:
01 - Bellum Indicere
02 - Exist To Destroy
03 - This Is The Only Solution
04 - Forever War
05 - Marching Forward To Victory
06 - The Last Defence
07 - Next Offensive
08 - We Are The Serpents Of Doom
09 - Fleshcrawl
10 - Todgeweiht
11 - Glorious Dead
12 - Ausgelöscht
13 - Crusade
14 - ... Before Annihilation

Cristian silva chaco-vocals
Nicolai hinse-guitar
Michael dölle-guitar
Simon venig-bass
Tim terhechte-drums
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