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PAROXYSMAL BUTCHERING give a track from their second full length album which coming out on August 16th.2014

The time has come, for devotees of brutal death metal with a slap of slam that catchy, really kicked the brain and spurred the inhumanity will be presented by ' Paroxysmal Butchering ' through their second full length album entitled ' Human Smasher ' that plan will be published via labels ' Show No Mercy ' on August 16, 2014. And now also has opened the pre-order on their bigcartel site. Make sure you become part of something this impudently and painfully. The 14 songs on the album to be published, and recently they give a song called ' Imminent Punishment ' that you can hear here.

 'Imminent Punishment ' was a song that only lasts more than two minutes, but the aggregation of atrocities and many catchy riffs are really fettered and solid in this song. Have tempo that varies with the memorable slamming shock and make the ears want to hear it continuously yet can also dull us because this song contains two vomit vocal growl and scream that really benumb your ears with some touch of brutal and slam combination of intense and concentrated. The song features guest vocalist Zack Shaw of Phalloplasty. And it is definitely, this album should be welcomed because it has a composition that comforts to the ear. 

Blasting perversity since 2007, Paroxysmal Butchering has worked hard to create music that is unrelentingly ferocious, yet memorable, and continues to assert itself as the premier purveyor of ear drum punishing, crotch obliterating brutality.

 Line up 2014
Tim Bee - Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Josh Alvarado - Guitars, Production
Dalton Robertson - Guitars
Floyd Winters - Bass
Tyrel Sanders - Studio Bass
Chase Ehle - Drums

Korea, South
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