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P.L.F - Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration (2014) * Review

The main thing that must we get if hear the true structure of the rhythm of the grindcore is that concept of music made into a track must have fast riffs, intense, brutal and noisy. A monotone drum beats, but not boring, which can stimulates the head to headbang. Then, a short duration in each song should be inserted the riff that interesting or catchy and it could come from a touch of Brutal death or Thrash.   And the most thing that we are waiting that this music can redden the face because having to produce the strength from taste of anger and pain, and all that, really we feel when coming from the three face that full of rage, enfolded the cruel music concept entitled 'Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration'. 'P.L.F' or 'Pretty Little Flower' comes from Houston, Texas, USA provide the noise and cruel aroma in concocting the concept of grindcore with many entering fast riffs, brutal and balance of thrash and Old school death rhythm in one unit of the composition of a coarser, dense, intense and truly reflect the extreme rhythm that appeared from under the Earth. 

For Us, ' Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration ' is an entertaining and exciting dishes consisting of one extreme beats package that actually slapping the nose and ears of the surliness of brutal and grind that so fused and screams of rage that shouts voiced the thump of thrash and old school that penetrating any incitement of a sense of dislike.   Have a simple rhythm, but not saturating the ear, got a cruel drum beats, got a guitar riff which incites anger and as well as have a growl and screams vocals that raw, rough and really tempting to punching beauty. Of course, everything we get in the songs entitled 'Wicked Strains of Primeval Virus', 'Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration ' , 'Rejection of Pathos' and 'Pinned Beneath the Flaming Wreckage'.

While the songs entitled 'Dissolution of Rights, Pt.5 ' and 'Crematory Desolation', further adding to the lure of our body to keep it moving, can't dwell and we actually woke up at these songs.  The song titled 'Human Hunter: Future Butcher', invites us to keep headbang, because this track is very intense play a mix of thrash and Grind. Our face increasingly red when hear the concepts like four earlier songs entitled 'Neanderthalic Holocaust', 'Subconscious Retrospection','Subterranean Cave Mold' and 'Discarded Death Memory'.   These songs really killed and cruelly. All tempo raped with beats that so quickly and blasphemous the outrage. Not to mention the guitar riffs that are intense, dense with thrash riffs that catchy.   Four songs were actually burning the situation.

In the last three songs titled 'Lurid Doom Hallucination' , 'Page by Page (Assück cover) and 'Poisoned Blood by Hemotoxin', consistency is retained, still have the entertaining rhythms and no doubt, these three songs are the extreme civilization that they keep on this album. The Album entitled 'Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration', we actually get the scent of cruel and anger from a brutal riff that they play, we also feel the true concept of grindcore, and on this album, we also get the combination that fused between thrash and Oldschool rhythms that really they apply in every song.

We really choose the album that really creates an atmosphere when it hears and album titled 'Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration' is an album which really produces anger, kick the boredom, and seduction to keep hearing the voices of the extreme package that actually emerged from underground, and it all makes us satisfied and always embraced the viciousness.

Track List:
1.     Wicked Strains of Primeval Virus
2.     Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration    
3.     Rejection of Pathos 
4.     Pinned Beneath the Flaming Wreckage
5.     Dissolution of Rights, Pt.5 
6.     Crematory Desolation    
7.     Human Hunter: Future Butcher 
8.     Fiendish Elecrocution    
9.     Neanderthalic Holocaust    
10.     Subconscious Retrospection    
11.     Subterranean Cave Mold     
12.     Discarded Death Memory    
13.     Lurid Doom Hallucination 
14.     Page by Page (Assück cover) 
15.     Poisoned Blood by Hemotoxin

Line Up 2014
Dave Callier :Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Matt :Bass
Bryan Fajardo  :Drums

PO Box 3520
Caroline Springs, Melbourne
Victoria, Australia 3023

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