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PREMATURE BIRTH - A Ceremony Of Power (Ep 2014)

Yes, we got all the dismal nuances that perfect of this album. Despite newly formed in January 2011, but we can already feel the true essence black metal on them. The true atmospheric black metal riffs clearly we feel, a vocal character that so touches the soul because the vocal is totally ripping off all the rhythm of in depth, has the character and certainly, vocals character like this that we like, actually stimulate the ears with smooth shriek and really bring the black rhythm which they play more accompany the soul. Not to mention, guitar riffs that varied, play balance among atmospheric , melodic black , progressive, thrash/Death Black Metal and Folk Black rhythms. Tremolo Picking is so beautifully played, with a coalescence of keyboard sounds spewing gloom nuances, become clear create the darkness that we need if hear black metal.  And we have very satisfied heard this album.

Ep entitled ' A Ceremony of Power ' was produced by ' Premature Birth' and was released on June 30th, 2014. We have the great expectations, someday the band was able to release a full album on a major label since we felt that their music, besides having the perfect darkness bang, melodic rhythms created by the guitarist also brought the phenomena of different and unique, and we rarely hear melodic touches that vary widely. We are not fans of atmospheric black metal, we are only true black metal lovers in General, but when we heard this album, we were charmed and tempted because when hearing the sound of keyboard that creates gloomy atmosphere which culminated, vocals character that touches the soul, as well as the guitar riffs and drum beats that vary that make this body sitting quietly for 32 minutes. While pensive and imagine such in a place of massacre with the man of prayer walking among humans who die for the sake of defending their morals. Really impressive and rhythms that they produce, stored deep in our minds.

'Revelation' as death's gate that welcomes us to the sense of gloom and moodiness in enjoying their music.  Play a tone of grim from the keyboard as the opening rhythm of the song followed by cries of 'Kill Yourself' from vocalist, make it really dark and haunt the soul.  The existence of tempo variations such slow, rapid and aggressive, making this song really creates a black thoughts and sense of somber.  The rhythm which is very deep, touching and devilish played on this song.  The opening song was very amazed and impressive.

Continues with blast beats, start an aggressive song called ' A Ceremony Of Power '. Still have variations of tempo, which has certainly made this album doesn't get tired of hearing it over and over again. This song also holds the essence of a strong black metal when hearing the beats of drummer. In addition, the guitar riffs on this song, we think is the most touching black tone that touches the soul. They also give long for the duration in every of their songs, this is a satisfying us. After this song, they muffle the outrage from the fast tempo in the previous song became the most atmospheric song on this album which is titled ' War Against The Filth '. The typical atmospheric tone initiates of this song, as well as the composition of melodic guitar that dense played to create a sense of joy and sorrow. This is what we can feel of the song.

The Death's gate is closed, this time through the song titled ' Watching The World Crumble '. Same with the first song, this song is a sweet combination of atmospheric and thrash/death black metal. This song is more memorable than the opening song of the album, the tones played so abide by black metal rule and rhythm that they play very intense create the darkness. This Album is perfect if viewed from the musicality and nuances which they created and not from the quality of the sound, and if should give a value, we prefer judging in each track where the opening song titled ' Revelation, A Ceremony of Power and Watchning The World Crumble ' we rate 10/10, whereas for ' War Against The Filth ' we gave it 9/10.

Track List:
1.     Revelation
2.     A Ceremony of Power
3.     War Against the Filth
4.     Watching the World Crumble

Dev Gohil - Guitar and Vocals
Simon McAuliffe - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Billy O'Neill - Guitar
Adam Lewis - Drums
Vicki Thompson - Keys

This photo has not been including keyboardis 'Vicki Thompson'

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