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RECIPROCAL - New Order Of The Ages (2014) * Review

This is really a concept that fraught with absolute strength of technical death metal, could be heard through many tempos that really bite and slice off the ears, fast beats, no compromise, complex riffs as well as the composition of the monsters are really scary, but still in the majesty of the most extreme music.  For us, 'Reciprocal' really concentrate to civilization of technical death metal that the most painful with stringing all aspects of extreme by playing a myriad technical riffs which really incite hubris and a high musicality level of their personnel.  When heard their new album titled ' New Order of The Ages ', We envision, like being in the middle of a crowd of people who are participating in politics, look straight ahead, carrying all the hubris in their faces, and guide all policies of tyranny. Like their music on this album that really provoke the arrogance of technical death metal, enchained all civilizations of metal and actually showing the chastity of extreme by bringing a myriad riffs that actually assassinate the aroma of harmony.

We really enjoy all the shades of anger from the concept of the music that they create on this album. We can also feel the interconnectedness between the rhythm and tempo. You do not hear this album only once, but you need to hear it over and over again, so you can feel how poignant and violent of their music. They really dig the concept of the root of technical death metal that loudest, brutal, kicking the harmony, craze and actually appears in the condition of aggressively and really deadly. Broadly speaking, though their music is very deadly, however we can also hear a lot of catchy elements in their technical riffs, not boring because they have thumps of technical that vary in every song, and we assume that the album entitled ' New Order of The Ages ' is one of the best technical death metal album of this year. This reasoned, because besides satisfying us against the touch of vulgar and solid technical riffs, we can also get the interesting and catchy rhythms, not boring and we as the worshiper of technical death metal really raising this album, because we believe, the connoisseur of technical death metal in all corners of the world, really want this kind. Really madness and full satisfaction. 

A variety of rhythms of the music that we hear and feel is always different in every song, and we happy to start their technical touch on songs entitled 'New American Century', 'Esoteric Agenda', and 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent'.   These songs really keep the diversity technical that most insane and vulgar in this album. Whereas when we want to hear a touch of the more technical that grooved, structured, dynamic and beautiful, we can get it in the songs entitled ' Profit Before Protocol ', ' Illuminati ', ' Tyrannicide ', and ' Oblivion '.   It's not enough for us, besides we can hear the elegant riffs and amaze, the most catchy of rhythm and tempo of this album can we hear and feel when hearing songs like 'New Order of the Ages' , 'Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of All Harlots and Abominations of the Earth', and 'RIP (Memento Mori)'.   All the songs that they publish on this album is a pleasure that sated cause we want to continue to dig in and wait for the booms of more technical that extreme on their next album.   We are really waiting for, because their music really produces all the nuances. Cool and impressive.

'New Order Of the Ages' is an extreme package containing the firmness and hubris in concocted and maintaining the civilization of technical death metal that more incite the ears to keep waking up on a musicality situation that forward the essence of diversity in the pangs of rhythm through all the madness that spurs and infinite. 

Track List:
1.     New American Century
2.     Esoteric Agenda
3.     Profit Before Protocol
4.     Guilty Until Proven Innocent
5.     Illuminati    
6.     New Order of the Ages
7.     Saintan
8.     Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of All Harlots and Abominations of the Earth
9.     Tyrannicide
10.     Oblivion
11.     RIP (Memento Mori)

Jacob Enfinger - Vocals
Andy Mcleod - Guitar
Jeff Hughell - Bass
Dustin Perle - Drums

 P.O. Box 53
Olomouc 1, Olomouck√Ĺ kraj
Czech Republic

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