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SACRAMENTAL BLOOD give a new song titled ' Destroyer of Thought and Form ' from their forthcoming album

We come to you, bringing a skeleton of early death metal 90 's which has the memorable musical concepts through a band origin of Belgrade, Serbia, named ' Sacramental Blood ' which gives a catchy dish in their debut album titled 'Ternion Demonarchy '.   The Album was recorded at the Wild Cat studio (Kragujevac) and Archsound studio (Belgrade),  Mixed and mastered by Stefano Morabito (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance, Beheaded...) in The 16th Cellar Studio.  And this time they are looking for a label to release this album. A new song, they published recently entitled ' Destroyer of Thought and Form ' taken from the fourth song on their debut album, and you can hear it here.

'Destroyer of Thought and Form' , Lasted Four minutes, is enough for us to return to the era of the 90s along with the rhythms of death metal that aggressive and brutal, its memorable riffs with a touch of 100% catchy, teasing the head to always headbang, not to mention the technical composition really impressed hidden in the blends of the rhythm of them, make it increasingly stimulates our ears to hear it over and over again. For us, a song called ' Destroyer of Thought and Form ' is an incitement to forgo modernization of metal with stand and embraced skeleton of the sanctity of early death metal that impressed and really keep the emotional honesty. Their debut Album should be the first place on the album list that you want to buy.

*Formed in Belgrad, twelve years ago.   Band immediately started strong live activity in Balkan part of Europe.  In 2006, they released their first material, entitled ' The Inception of Ceremonies ', contains six songs in a split album with ' Ophiolatry (Brazil) ' that released by Walk Records..  In beginning of 2009, band started slowly tracking down the full length album, making short break for Storming the Balkans 2009 tour with God Dethroned and Fleshgod Apocalypse. Recording sessions were completed after the tour but dissatisfaction with mix and some disagreements between band members put the band on hiatus after the show with Deicide.

After search for fresh blood, the new line up got together in 2011. To test new members, band recorded the 2nd demo and following the concept of naming after ordinary number of release, the material was entitled 'The Second Death'.  To promote the new demo and new line up, Sacramental Blood went on 2 weeks long Disgorging the Balkans tour 2011, with Mexican Disgorge and Natron. 'The Second Death' was released later in 2013 by Darzamadicus records as 'Triple Death Threat' split cd with Heretical Guilt and Blasphererion.  During 'Disgorging the Balkans' tour the chemistry between band members was great and band decided it was time to dig up and finish the debut album. New vocalist/guitarist re-recorded some old tracks and gave new sound to Sacramental Blood. The band hired Stefano Morabito (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance, Beheaded, Eyeconoclast...), who reamped, mixed and mastered album in The 16th Cellar studio (Rome). The result is 3rd material enititled 'Ternion Demonarchy'. (*Taken from their Biography)

Srdjan Todorovic - vocals, guitars
Milan Dobrosavljevic - guitars
Marko Curcic - bass guitar
Ivan Petrovic - drums 


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