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SYLVATICA - Evil Seeds (2014)

They bring a depth of Melodic Death Metal which is full of nuances without forgetting the essence of melodic that truly coalesce in one package of brilliantly in concocted the different concept with the melodic death structure generally that we hear.   It's very grounded, because we can feel the strains of melodic rhythm that meets all the rhythms that are summarized in the strains of the Thrash, Dark and Death metal.   And most enjoyable, and highly entertaining for us is a concoction that reflects a folk connectivity that always inserted at every riff that they play, and it really stimulates our mind against an aura of beauty and coolness that is produced in any rhythm that they play.   The Album titled ' Evil Seeds ' is a perfection and brilliance in observing the beautiful rhythms of the true melodic death, they make it become more beautiful because it contained many innovations and creations in this album. ' Evil Seeds ' actually issued a different panoramic of melodic, unique and filled with a deep rhythm that really touched the soul and truly settles in our brain, as each tempo and rhythm that they play really stimulates our brains in comfort.

'Evil Seeds' also gives an aura of anger when hearing the rhythms that aggressive and intense, but the thing that fascinates us is a concept in a song that is able to provide a lot of flavor when we hear it. The rhythms that they offer, can make us feel the gloom, sadness and could see the serenity and anger.   And this actually managed to entertain and take us down a different atmosphere, but remain in the area of melodic death, which is really beautiful and keeps all the deep essence of melodic concepts that really touched the soul.   And the album is opened by ' Lost ', an instrumental that can describes the deeper meaning of the structure and concepts that they play on this album.   Followed by two memorable songs at once become our favorites called ' Psychopatica ' and ' Winds Of Decay '. These two songs have melodic rhythm is beautiful, impressive and very intense.   And certainly, these two songs are really hard to forget.

'The Ascension ' and ' Evil Seeds' are two songs that have the power of black aura, As well as full of the aggressive rhythm, balanced with the strains of thrash riffs that energetic and fresh,.   Get shades of darkness from guitar riffs of ' 'Richardt Olsen' or 'Jardén Schlesinger'.   In addition, a fusion between folk Metal and Melodic Death that produced many flavors when heard it is a proof that this band pour all flavors of the essence of melodic death in almost every song that they make. Have melodic riffs which are not monotonous and different in every song, add a touch of deep in our souls as a connoisseur of melodic death metal.

Not only managed to create a variety of ambiance or nuance when hearing this album, It also offers a varied music, and this makes us keep sitting speechless enjoy the strains of melody that is truly memorable.  In our opinion, a song called ' God Of The Gallows ' not just an intro, but the humming tones that they produce is a smart concept in concocted many musics in a song that neatly and very beautiful. This is followed by more dynamic scheme by placing a lot of tempo in a song, and they prove it on the track titled ' Hate Quest'.

Creating rhythms of the soul, still play the allure of melodic death with beautiful, tidy and consistent, keep the essence of the aggressive of a rhythm that they created, actually we get in a song titled ' Lucifer '. The song also spews out the folk metal characters that really dense and memorable, besides the thrash riffs that really kicking the boredom. Consider ' Reanimated ', this song is so dense with variations in tempo, fierce and actually played the assertiveness of melodic strains and thrash that more profound. 

'The Sludge Soup ' is the more affirms anger of the aggressive touch that they provide, make this album more interesting If heard repeatedly. It is definitely catchy, folk elements that they provide makes melodic death potion that they create becoming more solid, dynamic , more beautiful and interesting.  A top-class quality from all the riffs that really accompanying the soul and makes us silent, because all the melodic rhythm that they provide highly integrated.  There is no awkwardness in setting the tempo, all scintillating and brilliant.  Especially this album closed by their strong character insert folk elements into a melodic death metal package entitled ' Sect Of Sleep '.   

For us, this album was really touching the soul of the beautiful melodic strains. A neat folk metal settings and get a lot of flavor when heard this album is a perfection that this album really get more attention from us because we really impressed when heard the rhythm structure which for us is a luxury in one package album that touches all aspects of taste be it anger, melancholy, sad and happy.

Track List:
1.     Lost
2.     Psychopatica    
3.     Winds of Decay
4.     The Ascension    
5.     Evil Seeds
6.     God of the Gallows
7.     Hate Quest 
8.     Lucifer
9.     Reanimated
10.     The Sludge Soup
11.     Sect of Sleep  

Pelle Buch Hansen: Drums
Jardén Schlesinger : Vocals, Guitars
Thomas Haxen : Bass, Vocals
Richardt Olsen :Guitars
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