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VOLTURYON - Human Demolition (Ep 2014)

Before, we didn't know that ' Volturyon ' released the album, although only Ep on June ago. Whereas we have been collecting their album since 2008 titled ' Blood Cure ' and always look forward to the next album from them. The news that we have long been waiting for this, come when occurred in our brains when heard 'Kill' of Cannibal Corpse, and then,crossed in our mind as something is missing on the shelves of our CD collection, and we find out and found the album ' Coordinated Mutilation' of them that was published in the year 2011, and at once appeared the curiosity in the mind, how this band now. We continue to find out and finally surprised when viewing the album entitled ' Human Demolition ' in iTunes at the time, and we as fans of their music, direct to buy it. 

 As a result, the album is satisfying our ears again, after earlier, we deliberately to hear their previous two albums, and we call this album remain consistent with their music style that very entertaining, definitely kicking the boredom, and the most satisfying us is that our heads can not stop headbang hearing the rhythms of them. This is sweet, very loud, and really punish. this album makes us imagine, such as sitting in a wooden chair by wearing military uniforms watched the soldiers are ready to execute the hostages that has been prepared for shot dead in the courtyard of a prison. Like the beats that they give on this album, was actually a direct stab at the chest and pushes blood to the brain, ready to spew all the rage. Every their rhythm really catchy and it always seduce our ears to hear it over and over again. This album is a week already accompany us, and every day we need eight times to hear it over and over again, It is definitely very satisfied in our brain.

This time, they opened their albums with an intro, and surged it with a touch of beat character of their own style that is the result of a fusion of European and American death metal old style in the song titled 'Concrete Devotion'. Blaspheme and kicking the boredom is their style, with intense and consistent envenom all the tempos that are spewing anger, aggressively and rapidly. 'Dermal Smoothy' refused our head to rest. Of the rhythm that they play in this song, desire to return to headbang really could not be stopped. And this is a truly impressive and we are satisfied because they still provide an entertaining rhythm until recently. 

Moreover, continued with the presence of rhythm that kills and punish on the song titled ' Human Demolition '. The more quickly and aggressively through a ton of catchy riffs that really entertaining and memorable. ' Barbaric Bludgeoning ' is the last song that we think is a concept of death metal that neat and varied, this song consisting of varied tempo that difference with another song in this album, the music concept that dynamic, solidand impressive also we get into this song. 

 For us, the music is generated from the album entitled ' Human Demolition ' of the band that originated in Sweden, although we hear news that there is a new ammunition on bass instruments, namely ' Oskar Pålsson (Ex-Coldworker)', still not faded, still consistently play the rhythm that comfortable and entertaining in our ears. Their music also remains captivated the brain, it's hard to be forgotten and we get to know the characters and traits of their music because they always make it on any album and it's not boring and certainly we remain faithful and wait for the next albums of them.

Track List:
1.     Intro
2.     Concrete Devotion
3.     Dermal Smoothie
4.     Human Demolition
5.     Barbaric Bludgeoning

Line up 2014
Alex Högbom - Vocals
Johan Gustafsson - Guitar
Andreas Olander - Guitar
Christian Netzell - Drums
Oskar Pålsson - Bass
ViciSolum Productions
Thomas Hörnkvist
Götgatan 102
118 62 Stockholm
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